Newport News Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer

While incarceration and costly fines are two types of legal consequences that often follow a conviction for risk of injury to a minor, a person may also have custody and visitation rights terminated. If you were accused of endangering a minor, consider speaking with a dedicated Newport News risk of injury to a minor lawyer. An experienced domestic violence attorney could review the circumstances surrounding the allegation and advocate on your behalf in court. Call today and schedule an appointment to start building a credible defense.

Common Behavior That May Constitute a Risk of Injury to a Minor Charge

Although neglect and child abuse are generally viewed as two separate offenses, they frequently occur together. Risk of injury to a minor, also known as child endangerment, include actions a person has taken or actions they did not take that ultimately put the child at risk of injury. In other words, it can be through actively presenting harm to the child or through failing to reasonably anticipate serious risks and take measures to prevent them.

An example of when a risk of injury claim may be alleged is if a person left a child alone in a kitchen with a stove that was turned on. The person did not put the child’s hand on the stove. However, it can be alleged that they put the child in danger by putting them in a room in which it was very easy to hurt themselves. Another example is when people are driving intoxicated or driving with an extremely high rate of speed and they have a child in the car. Some jurisdictions will then charge a person with child endangerment because they were operating a vehicle in such a manner that they put their child’s life at risk.

Potential Penalties for a Risk of Injury to a Minor Conviction

The penalties corresponding to a risk of injury to a minor conviction typically depend on the specific charge that is issued. If the charge is contributing to the delinquency of a minor, it is generally a misdemeanor punishable of up to 12 months in jail. If it is charged as a felony, depending on the circumstances, they could be punished by up to either five years in prison or 10 years in prison.

Corporal Punishment and Physical Discipline

In Virginia, corporal punishment is generally permissible by a parent. There is no law that says that a person cannot put their hands on a child. However, the punishment typically must be proportional to the alleged offense. If a person is leaving welts or marks on the child’s body, that may be considered beyond the grounds of an allowable corporal punishment. While there is no law against such punishment, behavioral scientists have said that over a certain age, corporal punishment is not effective. Often social services will try to give parents or legal guardians suggestions for other types of punishment that may be more effective.

Contact a Qualified Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer in Newport News

A conviction for risk of injury to a minor may significantly reduce a person’s ability to maintain child custody or visitation rights. The offense may also subject a person to substantial legal consequences such as jail time and fines. Someone who has been accused of child endangerment should consult with a well-practiced Newport News risk of injury to a minor lawyer. Call today and schedule an appointment to begin assessing your potential legal options.