Newport News Roommate Violence Lawyer

Tension in any living situation may lead to confrontations. In some cases, a confrontation may turn into a physical altercation which could lead to the involvement of law enforcement. A person who has been accused of roommate violence should consult with a qualified Newport News roommate violence lawyer. Legal consequences could be severe and a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney could examine the factors surrounding the allegation and work to refute the charge. Call and schedule an appointment for a legal consultation to start reviewing your potential options.

Understanding a Roommate Violence Charge

The term roommate violence may seem similar to domestic violence. However, roommate violence and domestic violence are quite different incidents. The relationships between the complainant and the accused are different in a roommate violence case than in a domestic violence case. In a roommate violence case, the complainant and the defendant typically have no other correlation to each other than simply residing in the same space. There is no domestic partnership or committed relationship between them. As a result, the charge generally attributed to roommate violence cases is assault and battery. It is important to understand that a roommate violence case is not less significant than a domestic violence case. Both types of cases can equally result in significant legal penalties upon conviction. Someone facing a charge related to an incident of alleged roommate violence should speak with an aggressive Newport News roommate violence lawyer.

Potential Consequences of a Roommate Violence Conviction

If a person is accused of roommate violence and the police investigating the case decide that there is enough evidence to go forward, the individual typically will be charged with simple assault and battery. If a person is convicted of the charge, they may incur jail time and fines. Furthermore and in many cases, a judge may issue a restraining or protective order against the accused person. These types of orders generally are issued to separate the complainant and the accused in order to prevent more altercations. When such orders are given, an accused person may be barred from residing in the same home as the complainant. However, a skilled roommate violence attorney in Newport News could advocate on behalf of an accused person and potentially request the orders be lifted.¬†Another consequence of a roommate violence conviction is the creation of a criminal record. This could reduce a person’s ability to obtain future career opportunities or retain gainful employment.

Contact an Adept Roommate Violence Attorney in Newport News

Simply because charges are filed against a person does not mean the individual committed the offense. False accusations could substantially disrupt and damage a person’s current and future livelihood. A person who has been falsely accused should refrain from believing that the police will eventually sort things out. This is not always the case and a person could be at high risk of incurring jail time and a criminal record unjustly.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, reach out to a proficient Newport News roommate violence lawyer immediately. An attorney could work to build a credible defense potentially by launching an independent investigation, requesting police reports, interviewing witnesses, and obtaining evidence such as video footage or photographs. Call and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal solutions.