Newport News Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Drug conspiracy charges involve two or more people working together to commit a drug violation. These are different from most other drug offenses because most other drug offenses are centered around the individual, whereas the conspiracy can have a whole group of people involved.  These are super serious charges with pretty detrimental long-term penalties. Additionally, someone who is convicted can face one to five years in prison making it important an experienced Newport News drug conspiracy lawyer is contacted as soon as possible.

A drug lawyer in Newport News can look at the facts of your case and assist you in building the strongest defense possible. Call today to learn more.

What Needs To Be Proven

Newport News prosecutors, first of all, have to prove that there was a conspiracy in the first place. This means that they need to prove that two or more people were in agreement to carry out a drug violation and also that they had purposely committed some act in furtherance of this agreement. This means that it’s not enough for two people to just have a plan. There also needs to be at least one step taken towards carrying out the actual violation. With regards to these requirements, a Newport News drug conspiracy attorney can help by employed a variety of different defenses depending on the circumstances of the case.

Can You Be Charged With Conspiracy and The Underlying Offense?

Yes, that’s generally how it works. The underlying offenses are always charged alongside with the conspiracy charge. This means that the penalties can be way more severe than if it’s just one or the other of these charges alone. It also makes the case a lot more complicated and difficult to defend therefore warranting attention from a drug conspiracy lawyer in Newport News.

Drug Conspiracy Investigations

The investigations for drug conspiracy cases are pretty much the same as they would be for other types of distribution cases. The same sort of tactics are  used, such as undercover police officers or confidential informants, to gain more information surrounding the conspiracy.

The undercover officers or confidential informants can get directly involved in the conspiracy and then can offer firsthand knowledge of the plans and acts taken by the defendant. Sometimes, this involves them obtaining video or audio evidence which can show discussions about the agreement or even the acts themselves in furtherance of the agreement.

Finding An Experienced Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

You should look for an extremely experienced Newport News drug conspiracy attorney. The requirements for evidence in conspiracy cases are extremely specific and you want someone who has handled these types of cases before. Looking for a lawyer here is different because it’s a really big deal charge that not just anyone can handle adequately. You not only want someone who has handled these cases before but you also need someone who is good with prosecutors because negotiating will likely be a big part of your case.