DUI Cases in Newport News

A DUI is a serious charge that can be lead to heavy fines, points on your license, and possible jail time. For this reason it’s important that you take your charge seriously and contact a Newport News DUI lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney in Newport News can look at your specific case and provide guidance for how you can minimize the impact of the charge on your life.

Below are some common questions regarding DUI in Newport News:

How Are DUI Cases Handled in Newport News?

DUI cases in Newport News are first investigated by the police department. After the police have arrested someone for a DUI then the commonwealth’s attorney’s office handles the case. DUI cases are processed to the fullest extent of the law and are treated extremely seriously in Newport News as well as all of Hampton Roads.

Are DUI Cases the Main Area of Focus for Officers?

Yes. DUIs are prosecuted intensely in all of Hampton Roads. Prosecutors and police officers are both intent on prosecuting defendants charged with this dangerous offence. Prosecutors definitely take DUIs very seriously and it is rare to see someone with a previous record have their charge reduced to a reckless instead. Due to the many roadblocks around here DUIs are the main focus of police officers as well.

What Are Some of The Most Common Areas That You See in DUI Cases in Newport News?

The most common areas in Newport News where DUIs occur are where police have setup DUI checkpoints. These locations are typically on Jefferson Avenue and Warwick Boulevard. Jefferson Avenue near Mercury Boulevard is the spot that the police will usually target for a random DUI checkpoint because Jefferson is the main road throughout the city. Warwick Boulevard is popular with police because of the proximity to Fort Eustis Military Base on the upper part of Warwick Boulevard; they will target that area a lot.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You as Their Newport News DUI Lawyer?

Clients choose me because I am willing to put the necessary work in to take apart and analyze all the steps leading up to a DUI conviction. I will never push my client into accepting a plea deal to save myself the time and effort of a trial. I try my best to keep clients informed of what is going on in their case and what evidence is against them. I try and make sure that they are aware of what all their options are and the consequences of each option so that they can make the best decision for their own personal situation. I am a very accessible attorney and I try to be available for my clients at all times in case they have questions or new evidence they want to talk about.

What Do You Find Particularly Challenging About Defending the DUI Cases in Newport News?

I find DUIs challenging because there are a lot of small details that can be questioned. A DUI trial can include questions about what the defendant was doing before he ever got in the car, why he was pulled over, what probable cause the officer had for the stop and for believing that he was intoxicated. All the way up until the actions of the police at the police station there is a lot of room for error in the process of properly charging someone with a DUI and it is challenging to make sure these small steps and details aren’t missed and can properly be dissected for the case.

Why Do You Enjoy Defending DUI Cases in Newport News?

I enjoy defending DUIs because of all those little details. It is interesting to pick apart the steps and procedure and see whether the police administered the breathalyzer correctly or when the last time the machine had been calibrated or whether the police officer who administered the test even knew how to administer the test. I like digging for all the facts surrounding the DUI, like how much the defendant actually had to drink, how much was he swerving if he was actually swerving, was his tail light actually out, did he only have one shot but it was right before he got into the car, was he on his way to a date where he was swishing mouthwash on his way there. DUIs can be really great mysteries and who doesn’t love a good mystery?

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