What Should I Expect From My DUI Case in Newport News?

The process of being charged with DUI in Newport News can be both stressful and time-consuming. As a result, it’s often a good idea to contact a Newport News DUI lawyer who can provide valuable insight into the legal process. Below are a few common questions regarding DUI charges in Newport News and why an experienced lawyer is necessary.

Below, a Newport News DUI lawyer discusses what someone should expect from a DUI case in Newport News.

What is The Process of DUI Cases in Newport News?

First the defendant is arrested, which happens after they have been pulled over and the officer determines that there is enough evidence for a DUI arrest or probable cause. Then comes the arraignment, which is where the defendant is read the charges against him and he is officially charged with the DUI. At the arraignment the defendant is given options to hire his own attorney or to see if he can qualify for a public defender. If he qualifies, the public defender is assigned that same day. The defendant’s attorney whether it is private or public will next go through the process of discovery to gather all the evidence and determine the defendant’s possible options. The process ends either with that attorney trying to fight the charges at a trial or by accepting a plea agreement from a prosecutor.

Does Newport News Have Any Special Laws Pertaining to Like Restricted Driving Privileges?

In Newport News it is mandatory for drivers who have been granted restricted driving privileges after the DUI conviction to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle for 6 months. This is a device that requires a driver to provide a breath sample before they can start the vehicle and also requires them to periodically blow into it during longer trips. It measures the driver’s blood alcohol content and the car will not operate if there is any alcohol in the driver’s system.

This became mandatory with restricted licenses in 2012 so it is still fairly new. It is just one more burden that comes with the DUI which is more reason why someone should be sure that they have the best possible defense at their DUI proceedings. Avoiding a stressful and expensive consequence of conviction is absolutely worth it if it is possible to do so. Drivers are required to pay for the ignition interlock device installation as well as the maintenance.

What Should Someone Expect From The Court System in Newport News?

While DUIs are certainly treated very seriously, Newport News does accept plea deals for DUIs which can’t be said for all of the jurisdictions in Hampton Roads. They are more often given for a first time DUI offender. A typical plea agreement will usually result in a loss of license, ASAP classes, a fine and ignition interlock on the vehicle if a restricted license is granted. Restricted licenses are granted typically just for driving to and from work, religious services and to and from school and anything that the judge deems to be appropriate.

Why Is It Important To Have an Experienced Newport News DUI Lawyer?

Law enforcement officers know what all the steps are in making a lawful arrest for DUIs. They have done so many, many times. Likewise the prosecutors know exactly what needs to be said and be proven in order to secure conviction for a DUI. They also have done so many, many times, before anybody’s particular case. If you don’t have an attorney on your side when you walk into that courtroom you are at a huge disadvantage because you are the only one without any experience or know-how of what will help you. Even if you do all your research it is still not going to compare to an attorney on your side who has defended DUI cases before your case.

It is imperative to get the best possible results for your case because the consequences of DUI are long reaching.

How Important are Relationships for DUI Cases Like Knowing Judges and The Prosecutors and Way Around the Courthouse?

Knowing how the process works in a particular courthouse is very important. Commonwealth attorneys from different jurisdictions will accept varying degrees of plea deals or no plea deals at all and it is important to know what you are up against and how to properly navigate through your options. The best results for your DUI case are likely going to come from the attorney who is familiar with what defense will work the best for the judge you are going to be in front of rather than just having a general idea of the defenses possible for a DUI.

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