Building a Strong Defense in Newport News Reckless Driving Cases

The strength of defense that you build for a reckless driving case in Virginia can be the difference between a traffic infraction and a criminal misdemeanor conviction. For this reason, it’s important that you put your best foot forward in court and build the strongest possible defense for your case. One of the best ways to ensure that your defense is formidable is by contacting a Newport News reckless driving lawyer who can look at the circumstances surrounding your charge and help to minimize the harm.

    To learn more about reckless driving in Virginia or to discuss your case, contact a lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

What Will A Lawyer Look For in a Case?

In reckless driving cases I find out first the reason for the stop. Then I ask what the driver’s demeanor towards the officer was. I also look for the driver’s reason for the behavior that led to the charge such as whether the driver was just following the flow of traffic or was in a hurry to get to a meeting or his wife was going into labor in the backseat.

Reckless driving is extremely fact specific. I will also ask for a copy of the driver’s driving record to see whether this is a onetime incident or if he makes it a habit of reckless driving. Someone with a lengthy history is going to have a harder time convincing a judge to go easy on them.

Most Common Mistakes To Avoid in Reckless Driving Cases?

The most common mistakes I see are not realizing exactly what the implications of a reckless driving conviction are. It is a big mistake to not take these charges seriously and treat it as just a traffic ticket. Because of this lack of awareness many people have often times they do not see the value in obtaining representation for charge and will then show up to court without a lawyer and plead guilty without having a clue as to what their options are.

How Can An Individual Avoid Making a Similar Mistake?

Doing some research into the seriousness of the charges is a good first step but the main thing is to get a lawyer.

What Are Some of The Most Common Defense Strategies That You Use in Fighting Reckless Driving Cases?

For reckless cases based on speed the police officer has to prove that whatever device he used to measure the driver’s speed was accurate and calibrated on the day of the incident and that it had been calibrated within the last 6 months. In order to do this the officer must have an original certificate with particular information on it.

Another defense is sometimes available when the driver calibrates his speedometer and finds that it was showing speed lower than the actual speed.

What Advantages Does Having Local Counsel in Newport News Reckless Driving Case Would Give a Potential Client?

Local counsel is going to know the different judges that handle cases on a regular basis and therefore will be familiar with what each judge is willing to bend on or what they are going to be looking for in a good defense.

It is important to have an attorney with local knowledge on your side to make sure that all your rights are protected and adequately challenge the evidence in the case.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You in Newport News Reckless Driving Matters?

Clients choose me because I will honestly tell them whether their case stands a chance at being reduced and if it doesn’t then I know alternate options to at least mitigate the penalties and ensure that my client obtains the best possible result under their particular circumstances.

Some judges won’t budge on reckless driving charge but will be flexible in sentencing. Other judges are more open to reducing the charges. I know which judges lean which way and I can use this knowledge to my client’s favor.