Driving Classes In Newport News Reckless Driving Cases

If you are accused of reckless driving in Newport News or elsewhere in Virginia you may be able to help your case by taking a driver improvement course. Although the facts of each situation are different, judges will often take into consideration the fact that you are taking your case seriously and seeking out assistance. With these things in mind, the following is more information on driving course in Newport News including where they are held, how expensive they are, and the potential impact it can have on your case. For more information regarding driving classes call and schedule a consultation with a Newport News reckless driving lawyer today.

What Impact Can Taking a Driving Class Have on Your Case?

Taking a driver improvement course can show the judge that you’re trying to take steps to prevent future driving issues. It also shows that the defendant is being proactive in improving their driving. Sometimes judges will look at somebody’s prior record, and if they don’t really have anything on there related to reckless driving or speeding, they will take the reckless driving driver improvement course to heart and will reduce the charge. Sometimes taking the class can prevent a license suspension as well because voluntarily taking the class provides a driver with 5 positive points on their driver’s license, and too many demerit points can result in a suspended license.

Where Can I Find a Driving Class Close to Me?

The DMV website has a list of available clinics in Newport News that offer the course, there are also some that you may be able to complete online in certain cases. Generally these classes are not expensive and only average around $35 to $45.

How Long Do These Classes Typically Take?

These kind of classes are 8 hours long and then there’s a final exam. Typically you can take the class online and break up the hours as you wish and then go to a testing facility to take the final exam or you can take the 8 hours all in a row in person in a classroom with a bunch of other people and then take your final exam in the same place. Both will count the same in court.

Can A Driving Class Help An Out of State Driver?

The point of taking the driving class is not affected by which jurisdiction you take it in. The purpose is to show the judge that you’re taking steps in order to improve your own driving.

So, taking a class in another state will be helpful, as long as it’s not just a random state. If your license is in a different state, then it makes sense for you to take the class in a different state. Likewise if you live in another state, it makes more sense to take class in another state than to come back to Virginia just to take the class. Either way, the class will be persuasive to a judge.