Speed Traps in Newport News

A speed trap is what people refer to when there is an area of road that is heavily monitored by law enforcement for speeders. Law enforcement tends to be pretty strategic with the officer not immediately visible to drivers and they tend to be in areas where speeding is more common. Below, a Newport News speeding ticket lawyer discusses speed traps and how they can impact your speeding ticket case. To learn more, call and schedule a consultation today.

Types of Speed Traps

There are a variety of different types of speed traps in Newport News. Sometimes officers wait in areas where the speed limit will drop anticipating that drivers haven’t lowered their speed to the new limit yet. Other times, officers wait on roads where speeding is more prevalent, like at the bottom of a hill or at the end of a long stretch of straight highway.

In Newport News, there are a few places on Interstate 64 where it’s very common to see police vehicles parked for a long period of time with their radar guns out. This highway is where a lot of commuters pass through on their way back to Newport News from Norfolk or Williamsburg. So, during rush hour, there’s always officers on that Interstate.

How Long After a Posted Speed Limit Do You Have To Slow Down?

The speed limit officially changes at the point where the sign is posted. Theoretically, drivers are able to see the sign well in advance to adjust their speed by the time the sign comes up. There’s really no excuse why someone shouldn’t be aware of what the speed is by the time they have reached the sign. If the speed limit drastically dropped, usually there are even signs warning that there is going to be a reduction in speed.

Purpose of Speed Traps

The purpose will depend on whoever you’re asking this question to. There are some areas of the highway and roads where there are speed traps because there have been issues in the past that warranted more law enforcement in that area. For example, if there is somewhere that has a lot of accidents due to excessive speeding, then usually the police departments will adjust and put a speed trap there.

However, there are also speed traps in just random locations for no real apparent reason where it may be argued they are there just to collect revenue.

Legality of Newport News Speed Traps

Speed traps are legal in Newport News and furthermore, Newport News is very harsh on speeders due to the presence of Interstate 64 running right through it and the large number of commuters that use the road every single day. It’s very common for people who have been charged with speeding or reckless driving to have received their charge during rush hour in Newport News on Interstate 64.

What Does Everyone Need to Know About Speed Traps?

People should know that Newport News is notorious for speed traps. They have probably more speed traps than any other jurisdiction in Hampton Roads. It’s pretty much unavoidable, if you are a commuter in Newport News, that you’re going to hit a speed trap at some point.