Newport News Student Defense Lawyer

There are numerous academic, athletic, social, and networking opportunities available to you as a college student. Unfortunately, one mistake could impact those opportunities. If you are facing school disciplinary action, or even criminal charges, for any reason, a Newport News student defense lawyer could help you navigate the situation and work to protect your future.

Academic stress can lead some students to take desperate measures, while certain social situations can cause students to sometimes get carried away in the moment and make choices they later regret.

Whether you are facing disciplinary action for plagiarism, cheating, drug use, theft, or some other alleged offense on campus, a knowledgeable defense attorney could protect your rights as a student and help you work to obtain an optimal resolution to your situation.

Student Misconduct

Most schools have established a set of guidelines and expectations regarding student conduct. Violations of school guidelines and expectations could result in disciplinary action, such as suspension. Examples of different types of offenses often prohibited by colleges and universities that could result in disciplinary measures being imposed on students include:

  • Cheating
  • Plagiarism
  • Underage drinking
  • Possession of drugs
  • Fighting on campus
  • Vandalism of campus property
  • Harassing students or teachers
  • Hazing or initiation of new students

Some schools might choose to handle student offenses privately on campus. However, certain types of student offenses, such as fighting or assault, could warrant contacting local law enforcement, in which case criminal charges could be brought against a student.

A Newport News student defense lawyer could provide legal representation and guidance for students facing school disciplinary measures, criminal charges, or both.

School Consequences

There are several possible consequences a school might impose when a student is found to be guilty of violating school conduct expectations. Students could be dropped from a particular class for committing plagiarism or cheating. In some cases, a student might be issued a failing grade for a specific course.

Students who are involved in college athletics or other extracurricular activities could be removed from the team, club, or activity. Students might also be temporarily suspended from school for the remainder of the semester or longer if found guilty of misconduct. Expulsion from school is another possible consequence.

There could also be long term consequences for students found guilty of misconduct by their respective schools. Sanctions such as suspension or expulsion often become part of a student’s permanent school record and could have an adverse impact on employment opportunities down the road. A dedicated attorney could assist students in fighting for a reduction or reversal of consequences imposed by the school for alleged misconduct.

Legal Consequences

Depending on the nature of the alleged student misconduct, law enforcement could possibly become involved. The potential legal consequences that could follow might include a student being charged with a criminal offense, arrested, prosecuted, placed on probation, or even sentenced to a term of incarceration. Students charged with a crime could benefit from retaining a student defense lawyer in Newport News.

Consult with a Newport News Student Defense Attorney Today

Facing school disciplinary action can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Many students facing allegations of misconduct feel nervous in such a situation. A Newport News student defense lawyer could help you prepare for any disciplinary hearings and help you fight to obtain the best possible outcome in the situation.

You do not have to handle allegations of misconduct on your own. Consult with a student defense attorney about your situation today.