Defending Against a Newport News Theft Charge

Defending against a Newport News theft charge can be an intimidating ordeal. If you or a family member has been accused of any type of theft offense, consider speaking with an adept theft attorney. A conviction could mean significant legal penalties and the creation of a permanent criminal record. Furthermore, a conviction could lead to lost career opportunities and may serve as a potential barrier to gaining acceptance at a university or college. Call and arrange for a legal consultation. Increased preparation for court proceedings may help an accused person succeed in court.

Initial Steps of Preparing a Defense

The initial steps a theft attorney could take when preparing a defense often involve talking to the accused and gathering important details about the case. This may include identifying the exact charges, recording scheduled court dates, viewing evidence collected by law enforcement, and investigating if there are any mitigating factors surrounding the alleged theft. Taking time to review these factors could help inform a person’s defense and potentially assist in countering the prosecution’s efforts of substantiating their burden of proof.

Burden of Proof

To be convicted of a theft, the prosecutor typically has the burden to prove that the person charged took an item that did not belong to them and intended to take the item and keep it. Additionally, the prosecution may still charge someone for theft if a person took possession of an item and passed it on to someone else without giving it back to the original owner. Furthermore, a person who is accused of taking items worth $500 or more may be charged with a felony theft offense. This type of enhanced charge may subject a person accused of theft to more severe legal penalties. A skilled theft attorney with experience defending against a Newport News theft charge could help an individual begin assessing potential legal strategies.

Mitigating Potential Legal Consequences

In some jurisdictions with misdemeanor shoplifting, they have an option for a deferred finding. This may give a person an opportunity to keep an alleged offense off their record. However, such an agreement often involves community service or a shoplifting prevention course.  If the person is charged with felony larceny, they may be able to get it reduced to misdemeanor larceny if they have a good record and if they are able to pay restitution.

Defending Against a Theft Charge in Newport News

When a person is charged with theft, they immediately become at risk for incurring significant legal penalties and creating a permanent criminal record. This record is open to the public and convictions for any offense may strongly put a person at a disadvantage for receiving gainful employment opportunities in the future. Defending against a Newport News theft charge is never an easy process. If you or a family member have been charged with a theft offense, do not hesitate to call an aggressive theft attorney, they could help fight the allegations and protect your rights. Call and schedule an appointment for a legal consultation as soon a possible.