Newport News Volume Dealer Charges

A volume dealer is someone who deals with large amounts of drugs and who is also generally trafficking the drug. This is a much more in depth operation than most drug cases and it often crosses state lines or involves very large amounts of substances being moved across the state. Charges involving volume dealers are usually handled in federal court because of the crossing of state lines and can carry a mandatory sentence of anywhere from five years to life in prison.

As a result of these consequences and the general severity with which these cases are treated with, it is imperative you consult with a Newport News drug lawyer as soon as possible if charged. An attorney with experience in drug charges will be able to look at the facts surrounding your case and determine how to build the strongest defense possible. Call today to learn more.

Volume Dealer Investigations

These types of cases are investigated in Newport News by usually more than one agency. Newport News law enforcement officers will certainly get involved but oftentimes the DEA and FBI also gets involved so it’s not just agencies for Newport News alone. They’re similar to other drug cases in that the same sort of methods are used to obtain information such the use of undercover police officers and confidential informants.

How Common Are Volume Dealer Charges

These charges are not particularly common but they are absolutely a priority for law enforcement officers. Typically these charges are handled by just the police officers in Newport News. A lot of times the DEA or the FBI will step in along with local law enforcement because it’s such a big scale operation.

Continuing Criminal Enterprise

A continuing criminal enterprise is a federal charge where the government needs to prove that the defendant is guilty, along with a group of five or more people, of violating a series of federal drug laws. The government has to prove that the defendant was an organizer or manager or supervisor of a group and also the defendant has to have profited from the drug violation.

Is This Similar To Drug Conspiracy?

It’s similar because there are multiple people involved in both types of situations. Continuing criminal enterprise cases are different because five or more people are involved, whereas with conspiracy cases, it only needs to be two people. The penalties for continuing enterprises are also harsher than for conspiracy cases with 20 years in prison as a mandatory minimum being the punishment.

Importance of Having An Experienced Criminal Lawyer

These types of cases require a very experienced lawyer to bring out the big guns. This isn’t the type of case that anyone should believe they can handle by themselves or that they can just hire any drug lawyer for. A conviction could result in someone spending the rest of their life in prison with a mandatory minimum of 20 years; that’s nothing to laugh at.

It’s certainly something that can be handled by someone who has a lot of experience but there’s a lot more involved than there would be with any other type of drug case.