Newport News Check Fraud Lawyer

Check fraud occurs when an individual uses a check that does not belong to them or a check that they know or reasonably should know is false. It is fraudulent when what is written on the check does not match up with the rightful owner, and they attempt to use that check for their own benefit or the benefit of another person.

If you were accused of check fraud, you should not risk handling your case without help from a skilled Newport News check fraud lawyer. A dedicated criminal defense attorney could help you craft a defense and fight for a positive outcome to your case. Call today to get started.

Common Examples of Check Fraud Charges

A check fraud case could involve several different criminal charges. Usually, check fraud cases will fall under forgery and uttering. Forgery is the signing of the name on a check that is either a fake name or assigning a name on the check they know to be false. Uttering is the passing of the check in order to gain money.

If authorities believe the checks were stolen, an individual could also face larceny charges. There are also identity theft charges, especially when someone is accused of passing as another person when they present the check.

Check Fraud Investigations

A person does not always know they are being investigated for check fraud. Oftentimes on these types of cases, detectives will not meet with them, especially if there has been some suspicious activity. Someone may also be questioned by officials from banks or financial institutions when they notice suspicious activity.

When people who normally do not interact with them, from either law enforcement or the bank or financial institution, are asking questions, this could indicate an investigation. It suggests they suspect some sort of fraud is going on involving them or their accounts.

Contacting an Attorney

When contacting an attorney for the first time, someone accused of check fraud will want to be able to ask the attorney about their court date. They should be able to give the attorney the basic information of their court date, such as what city it is in and which court it is. They should also tell their lawyer the amount of the check, the number of checks, and who the checks belong to.

It is crucial for an attorney to have all the information about the circumstances of the case. When a lawyer has a complete picture of the facts, they can try to figure out how best to proceed with their case and start putting together a defense.

Call a Newport News Check Fraud Attorney

Check fraud is a felony offense, and these charges can affect you both short-term and long-term. A Newport News check fraud lawyer could help you sort out the case and see what the evidence is against you. Based on the specific facts of your case, they could begin strategizing about possible defenses. Reach out to a lawyer today to discuss your situation.