Newport News Forgery Lawyer

Forgery occurs when an individual signs a name or attaches some sort of identifying information to a document that is not their own. It can also be writing or otherwise producing a document, either physically or electronically, that is false and is known to be false in order to experience some pecuniary gain.

If you face allegations of forgery, do not hesitate to contact a Newport News forgery lawyer as soon as you can. Forgery is a felony charge, and a conviction could have disastrous consequences for your future. Because the penalties are so severe, you should not risk appearing in court or speaking to investigators without an attorney by your side. For the best chance at a positive outcome to your case, reach out to a veteran criminal defense attorney and schedule a consultation.

Common Examples of Forgery

Putting somebody else’s signature on any sort of document is considered forgery, and this type of forgery is one of the most common in Newport News. For example, when someone signs someone else’s name to a check, this could result in bad check charges.

A more serious charge is forgery of a public record, which deals with government documents. For example, signing someone else’s name on a summons given to them by a police officer is considered forgery of a public record.

Evidence Needed to Prove Forgery

In order to secure a conviction in court, prosecutors have to prove that something was forged. They have to show that there was a signature made that did not belong to the person who it is purported to belong to or that there is a document that is materially false.

First, they have to show that the defendant either made the forgery or commissioned it. They need to prove that the accused individual had some sort of control of production of the forged signature or document. They also have to show that the person who made the forgery benefited somehow.

Potential Penalties

Forgery is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. However, most forgery charges do not result in an active jail sentence, especially for a first offense. Even if jail is uncommon for first-time forgery offenses, an individual accused of forgery should not risk appearing in court without representation from a Newport News forgery lawyer. An attorney understands the trends in the local courts, and they could fight to protect you from the most serious penalties.

Consult with a Newport News Forgery Attorney

If you were charged with forgery, contact a Newport News forgery lawyer with experience handling these types of cases. An attorney knows the elements the Commonwealth has to prove, so they know what to look for when they start working on a case. They could see how strong the prosecution’s evidence is and provide sound advice about the likely outcomes of the case.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a skilled criminal lawyer could either mount a defense or negotiate a plea deal. To begin working towards a positive outcome in your case, seek the services of a dedicated defense attorney as soon as possible.