Newport News Felony Theft Lawyer

A theft charge is frequently viewed as a relatively minor infraction. However, depending on the circumstances and the value of the item that was allegedly stolen, a theft charge could be significant. A felony theft charge could result in extensive legal penalties such as jail time and costly fines. If you were charged with felony theft, you may want to consider speaking with a dedicated Newport News felony theft lawyer. Call and set up a time to meet with a reliable theft attorney who is familiar with such cases.

Defining a Felony Theft Charge

As defined by Virginia law, felony theft occurs when someone unlawfully takes an item worth at least $500 and intends to deprive the owner of that item permanently. A felony theft charge typically does not consider an element of violence, but the value of the item. A misdemeanor theft offense is typically when the allegedly stolen item is worth less than $500. In some cases, a person accused of theft may not realize the value of an item, but the prosecutor will still typically pursue a felony charge.  However, a qualified Newport News felony theft lawyer could review the factors surrounding a person’s arrest and work to develop a strategic legal defense to combat the prosecution’s claims.

Potential Legal Penalties in a Felony Theft Case

The penalties for felony theft are significantly more severe than those for misdemeanor theft. A misdemeanor theft is punishable by up to 12 months in jail, whereas, felony theft can be up to 20 years in prison. In some cases, there may be circumstances where the penalties for a felony theft offense are less than 20 years. For example, if the person committed two prior thefts, the third larceny generally becomes a felony regardless of the value of the item, and that is punishable by up to five years in prison. Some cases may also have mitigating factors. These may include a clean record or mental illness. With the risk of severe legal consequences, a person who is accused of felony theft should contact an adept felony theft attorney in Newport News immediately.

Benefits of Partnering With a Lawyer

The main benefit of working with an experienced Newport News theft lawyer is experience and familiarity with the local legal system. Experienced lawyers have handled more cases, giving them a deep well of knowledge, and by having had experience with the local Commonwealth’s office, their reputation may be useful in getting a better outcome.

The first thing a felony theft lawyer typically will want to receive from an accused individual is their court date and the name of the court. This information could help enable the lawyer to set a schedule and to begin working on the discovery requests they will make to the court. An attorney may also contact the prosecutor to request any potential evidence collected against the accused. Furthermore, a lawyer will review the alleged events with the accused individual and work to identify inconsistencies between the prosecutor’s claims and the defendant. This type of information could substantially help a felony theft attorney in Newport News to develop a comprehensive defense argument.

Consult With a Skilled Felony Theft Attorney in Newport News

When a person is charged with felony theft, they should request an attorney immediately and refrain from speaking with the police or a prosecutor. Anything stated in a conversation with police or a prosecutor could be used against an accused individual in court. If you are facing felony theft charges, consult a trustworthy and diligent Newport News felony theft lawyer today. They could examine the charges and work to establish a credible defense strategy.