Benefits of a Newport News Armed Robbery Attorney

There are many different benefits of a Newport News armed robbery attorney. If you were accused of committing such an offense, consider reaching out to an aggressive and diligent armed robbery lawyer. They could examine the factors surrounding your arrest and advocate on your behalf in court. Call and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal solutions.

Examining an Armed Robbery Offense

In most cases, an armed robbery offense is viewed as a more severe crime due to the presence of a dangerous weapon. It is important to understand that the weapon does not necessarily need to be used for an incident to be labeled as an armed robbery. Furthermore, if another person is injured during the alleged altercation the charges and penalties for an armed robbery offense may be enhanced. To mitigate the risk of enhanced penalties, a person accused of armed robbery or larceny plus assault should think about the potential benefits of a Newport News armed robbery attorney.

Depending on the circumstances of a case, a defendant may consider taking a plea deal. However, before a person makes such a decision they should consult with a lawyer that could help determine their best legal course of action. A plea deal for an armed robbery case typically will result in a felony conviction, as well as the creation of a permanent criminal record.

Initial Meeting With a Lawyer

A person who is charged with armed robbery may want to take steps to prepare themselves prior to their first legal consultation. Generally, they should bring with them their court date and the location of the court so the lawyer could help keep track of court dates, request a discovery request in a timely manner and file any other appropriate motions. The lawyer also will typically want to know if there were witnesses who can support the defendant’s version of events, such as an alibi. They may also want to know if the defendant has cell phone numbers that can be used to track their location at a given time, such as in a text message. While this may seem invasive, this information could substantially help a lawyer build a credible defense.

Advantages of a Qualified Newport News Armed Robbery Attorney

When searching for legal representation to help fight an armed robbery charge, a person should consider retaining a lawyer who understands the local legal landscape. In other words, a lawyer who is familiar with the local prosecutors, judges and court proceedings may positively impact the outcome of a person’s case. An attorney from an out of town may have a disadvantage in that they may not know how the jurisdiction commonly handles armed robbery cases. Every court system in Virginia is a little different. All courts follow the rules set out by the Court of Virginia, but they typically have a great deal of leeway in how they manage their courts and what they do or do not practice in the courtroom.

Contact a Knowledgeable Lawyer Who Understands Armed Robbery Cases

If you were charged with an armed robbery offense, contact an adept robbery attorney immediately. They could evaluate your case and work to identify effective legal strategies that may be applicable to your case. Armed robbery convictions could severely harm a person’s quality of life. Some consequences extend beyond a prison sentence, as a person’s ability to maintain child custody or visitation could be terminated. The courts typically regard child safety as a high priority and a conviction for a violent felony could negatively impact the court’s opinion. Call and arrange for an appointment to start reviewing your potential legal options today.