Building a Newport News Robbery Defense

Robbery is considered a serious crime in the State of Virginia. The consequences of a robbery conviction could range from minor to severe. With an individual’s freedom at stake, those who have been charged with robbery should immediately seek help from a seasoned attorney.

An attorney could help protect the rights and clear the name of an alleged offender. Those who have been accused of a crime should not try to fight the charges alone. Speak to an experienced robbery attorney when building a Newport News robbery defense.

Consequences for a Robbery Conviction

For a person to be charged with robbery in Newport News, the prosecutor must prove that the alleged offender physically took something that did not belong to them either by harming or threatening to harm the rightful owner.

Robbery is a felony offense. If convicted, an individual could face a jail sentence of more than one year and to life in prison. They could also receive active supervised probation. Offenders would also have to provide a DNA sample if they are convicted of robbery.

How to Build a Criminal Defense

A seasoned lawyer would begin preparing a defense for robbery in Newport News by reviewing the case with their client and by getting discovery and evidence from the prosecutor. They review the evidence to make sure that their client physically took the item in question and used physical force.  The type of evidence a criminal lawyer might compile when defending a person charged with robbery includes witness statements to see if they could positively identify the client. Lawyers look to see if there are any surveillance photos or surveillance video with photos.

If they are trying to show that their client’s innocence, they may try to provide documents and evidence showing the location of the client at the time. They also test some phone calls showing where the client was and whether or not they could have have been at the scene of the crime. If the evidence is against their client, they may try to mitigate the damage.

A criminal lawyer might leverage their experience when trying to gain an advantage over the prosecution, because after handling many robbery cases, they may recognize certain parts of the case that are weak or strong. If they believe that there is a weak part of the case, they may be able to present that to the prosecutor at trial and this weakness could result in an acquittal. It is in the prosecutor’s best interest to make an offer for a lesser charge that avoids an outright dismissal of the charge.

Taking a Plea Deal

Depending on the circumstances, a criminal lawyer might encourage a person charged with robbery to take a plea deal. They have to consider the likelihood of a conviction, the consequences of a conviction, and the plea deal. If they believe that the outcome of the plea offer is likely better than the outcome they would receive at trial, then it is generally in the client’s best interest to receive a plea deal.

How an Attorney Could Help

An individual should consider hiring a local criminal lawyer when charged with a robbery because local attorneys know more about the jurisdictions, about the officers, and about the judges involved. They are also more familiar with the procedures and policies in that jurisdiction. A knowledgeable attorney could gather evidence and prove their client’s innocence in court.

Those who have been charged with a crime should consider hiring a skilled attorney when building a Newport News robbery defense. Call today to get started.