Defending Against Newport News Shoplifting Charges

For a person to be convicted of shoplifting, a prosecutor would need to prove that they took an item that was available to purchase, they did not have permission from the rightful owner to take this item, and they did not pay the necessary purchase price to take the item. When defending against Newport News shoplifting charges, a dedicated attorney can work with you to construct a solid a defense which could make it difficult for a prosecutor to prove this charge. Do not hesitate, contact a lawyer today.

Penalties of a Shoplifting Conviction in Newport News

The possible penalties if a person is convicted of shoplifting in Newport News is up to 12 months in jail if the value of the item shoplifted is less than $500. If it is $500 or more, it is punishable by up to 20 years in jail for grand larceny.

Shoplifting could either be considered a felony or a misdemeanor offense. A person can be convicted of a misdemeanor theft charge if the item shoplifted is less than $500. A person can face up to 12 months in jail if found convicted for a misdemeanor offense. A person can be convicted of a felony theft charge if the item shoplifted is less than $500. A person can face at least 12 months in jail if found convicted for a felony offense.

Second-Time Offenders

The consequences of shoplifting might differ for a second-time offense because judges are less lenient. For first offenses, they may think it is just a mistake. If they do it the second time, judges are less inclined to think that this was a mistake and more likely to give a person active jail time.

Preparing a Shoplifting Defense

When defending against Newport News shoplifting charges, an attorney would want to schedule a meeting the accused person in order to get an accurate assessment of what happened. An attorney would want to know what was allegedly taken and the value of the item taken. From there, an attorney would most likely examine any evidence against the client. After reviewing the evidence, an attorney may try to work it out and mitigate the charge.

Reduced Sentencing Options

An attorney can help someone who has been charged with shoplifting by seeking possible probation or reduced sentencing options. When seeking such legal remedies, a defense attorney would want to meet with the prosecutor and talk about possible sentencing options. An attorney would also present this to the judge and try to convince the judge that instead of a lengthy jail sentence, there are more appropriate ways to handle this type of case.

Role of an Attorney During a Person’s Arraignment

Even though every jurisdiction handles arraignment differently, the role an attorney would play at an arraignment is to set a trial date. Some jurisdictions ask for plea arraignment. It is not something usually done on misdemeanor arraignment, but it does seldom occur for felony arraignments.

Attorneys could plea for a person and also keep them from making statements that are potentially damaging. Often at arraignments, people try to talk their way out of the case and end up saying things that later hurt them. If they are being held in custody, depending on the jurisdiction, an attorney may be able to get them released on bond while the case is pending.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Having an attorney by one’s side could help because attorneys help organize evidence and help a person in terms of making their argument and presenting their argument in front of a judge. They have experience in talking to judges and they have a better idea of what judges want to hear from them. They also have an idea of how to question things properly. For example, in a contested case, they could frame the case in such a way to convince the judge that the client did nothing wrong.

One of the main benefits of hiring an attorney when defending against Newport News shoplifting charges is the ability to work with someone who has experience in dealing with similar cases. A well-versed lawyer is capable of organizing and collecting evidence, constructing a sound argument for your case, and presenting that argument on your behalf. Give yourself a great chance of building a solid defense by getting in touch with one of our skilled attorneys.