What to Expect After Being Arrested in Newport News

There are three things everyone should know about being arrested in Newport News. The first thing is that the judges take all cases very seriously in Newport News. Because of this, the second thing they need to know is that jail time is a very real possibility even for crimes that may not seem like they are a very big deal.

Third, they should know that the process can be long and can also be very difficult to navigate without the assistance of a Newport News criminal defense attorney.

What Happens After an Arrest?

If someone is arrested in Newport News, they will be taken to the Newport News city jail. Once at the jail, the person will be brought before a magistrate who will then determine if the charges against the person allow for a bond.

If bond is granted, the person will be released from custody once the bond is posted. If no bond is ordered, then the person will be held in the Newport News city jail until their arraignment or until their attorney can schedule a bond hearing in general district court.

The arraignment is when someone would be officially charged and also when the judge would ask the person the question if they would like to hire their own attorney of if they would like to see if they qualify for a public defender.

When someone is arrested, they are first taken into the jail. And then immediately after that, they are brought before a magistrate. You are not charged when you are arrested, you are officially charged at the arraignment.

What Happens After Charges are Filed?

After charges are officially filed against someone, then the Commonwealth begins to gather up their evidence for trial and put together a case. On the defendant’s end, they should be doing exactly the same thing.

They should expect their attorney to work with them to find out what evidence is available that can help their case, so that they can put together a strong defense.

What Are The 3 Most Important Things a Person Should Do After Being Charged With a Crime?

The most important thing that someone can do for themselves after being charged with a crime is to hire an attorney immediately. The longer that they wait, the more of an impact it will have on their case. So it is important that as soon as someone is charges with a criminal offense that they get in contact with a lawyer.

Second, they should keep their mouth shut. They should not discuss their case with anybody except for this attorney. They shouldn’t go and speak with police officers until their attorney has advised them.

Third, they should stay out of any more trouble. Oftentimes, people will pick up a second charge which will then have an effect on the first charge.