When to Contact an Attorney in Newport News

Contacting an experienced Newport News criminal defense attorney is one of the most important steps when facing any kind of criminal charge. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of when they can invoke their right to counsel, or whether asking for a lawyer will impact your case negatively. It is your right to have an attorney, and law enforcement officials are perfectly aware of this right. We discuss particular concerns people have about contacting an attorney below.

If I Tell An Officer I Want to Speak to An Attorney, Does it Imply Guilt?

Asking to speak to an attorney definitely does not imply guilty. And the officers know this as well. Asking to speak with an attorney just demonstrates that the person asking has an understanding of their rights. This understanding is not going to be used against you even if the officer does have his owns suspicions about your reasons for  speaking with an attorney.

It’s really important for people who are not guilty and who are guilty to ensure that they do not get themselves in any more trouble and do something that will hurt them later. The best thing to do is always ask for an attorney.

When Can I Contact An Attorney During The Criminal Process in Newport News?

You can contact an attorney before you are even charged in Newport News. And it is very smart to do this so you have an idea for what you’re getting into and can adequately prepare in the best way.

Having  counsel before you are contacted by Newport News law enforcement official ensures that you have a good understanding of what you are required to do and what you do not  have to do such as answer any investigative questions from the official. Being prepared is important to having a good defense.

It is also very important to note that to invoke this right you need to specifically ask for an attorney. Make it clear to the officers that you want to speak to an attorney. Don’t make vague statements. The officers are aware of this as well.

Why Do Seeking Counsel When I Am Contacted by Newport News Law Enforcement Officials Important Even Before I Am Charged?

It is important to know what your rights are. You don’t want to commit the common mistake of spilling your entire story to the law enforcement officials and having your own words be what leads to a conviction in that trial later on or consenting to something that gets you into more trouble when you weren’t obligated to consent in the first place.

An attorney can make sure that you are informed of what you are not required to do and can help you ensure that your rights are protected from the very beginning up until the trial and through the trial. It is important to give yourself the best possible chance and having an attorney is the first step in that direction.