Norfolk Assault Lawyer

The term “assault” can seem a bit vague. Assault can be a threat against a person, causing them to be reasonably afraid of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. It can also be defined as the use of force against a person, causing them to be reasonably afraid. Assaults against certain members of society are categorized differently, and carry different penalties. For this reason, if you have been charged with assault a Norfolk assault lawyer can help you understand what charges you are facing and advocate on your behalf in court.

Norfolk Assault Lawyers Handle These Charges

Assault crimes in Norfolk primarily consist of the following charges which can be further explained by an assault lawyer in Norfolk:

  • Simple assault
  • Simple assault and battery
  • Selecting a victim due to race, religion, color, or nationality
  • Assaulting an officer, educator, or health provider

Some of these assault crimes seem clear enough. For example, simple assault and battery is defined as an assault in which you actually follow through with the harmful or offensive contact.

Assault Lawyer in Norfolk, VAHowever, your potential defense to some of these crimes can get much more complicated if the assault victim has been selected by his or her race, religion, color, or nationality. The charges are more serious, and the penalties are more severe. Similar issues arise if you are accused of an assault against an officer, educator, or health provider.

An experienced Norfolk assault attorney will be familiar with the different charges and will know how best to plan your defense.

Potential Penalties for Assault Charges

Simple assault or assault and battery are misdemeanors in Norfolk, Virginia. The penalty for such an offense is up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine up to $2,500 (Virginia Code Section 18.2-57).

However, if it is determined that the victim of the simple assault, or assault and battery, was intentionally chosen due to the victim’s race, religion, color, or national origin, then you are looking at a felony charge and a 30-day mandatory minimum jail sentence (Virginia Code Section 18.2-57(A)).

If such an assault and battery results in bodily injury, then you could be facing one to five years in prison (Virginia Code Section 18.2-57(B)).

You can also end up with one to five years in prison if you are charged with committing an assault, or assault and battery, against someone who you know, or reasonably should know, is a law enforcement officer, firefighter, correctional officer, EMT, or judge, and the assault occurs while they are performing their official duties (Virginia Code Section 18.2-57(C)).

Why To Hire an Assault Lawyer in Norfolk

With the different types of assault crimes and the varying levels of penalties involved, it makes sense to contact a Norfolk assault lawyer as soon as you are accused of one of these crimes. An experienced Norfolk assault lawyer will understand the complexities of your charges and will be able to assess your situation and come up with the best possible defense under the circumstances. Call for a free consultation today.