Norfolk Prostitution Lawyer

Although many view prostitution and prostitution-related charges as victimless offenses conducted between consenting adults, these charges still may be harmful to your job, your family, and your reputation in general. These situations often involve sensitive matters that you might prefer to resolve as quickly and quietly as possible.

A Norfolk prostitution lawyer may be able to help defend you against unwarranted accusations, preserve your reputation, and minimize any repercussions that you may suffer as a result of these charges. Call a hardworking defense attorney today to schedule a consultation.


Under Va. Code § 18.2-346, individuals who perform or offer to perform various sexual acts in exchange for money or something of value and take some significant action toward completing the exchange commit prostitution. For the purposes of Virginia law, it is insufficient for individuals to simply make an offer of prostitution.

In order to prove the elements of the offense based on an offer of prostitution, the prosecution must show that individuals took an affirmative and significant action to complete the transaction.

For example, if individuals actually received money from another in order to perform sexual acts, that probably would constitute a substantial action toward completion of the transaction.

This offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor under Virginia law, which carries potential penalties of up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $2,500, or both.

Solicitation of Prostitution

Under the same code section, individuals who offer money or something of value to another in exchange for the performance of various sexual acts and take any substantial action toward the completion of the offer commit solicitation of prostitution.

This offense also is a Class 1 misdemeanor, so the individuals on each side of a transaction involving prostitution can receive equal punishments with equal charges. However, individuals who solicit prostitution from minors will face enhanced charges; the charge becomes a Class 6 felony if the minor is 16 years of age or older, and a Class 5 felony if the minor is younger than 16 years of age.

Other Prostitution-Related Offenses

According to Va. Code § 18.2-347, keeping, living in, or visiting a “bawdy place” for immoral purposes is a crime. The law further defines “bawdy place” as any building or other place where prostitution occurs, as well as lewdness or assignation. This offense also is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Aiding in prostitution also is a Class 1 misdemeanor under Va. Code § 18.2-348. This criminal offense occurs when individuals knowingly assist or offer to take or transport another to a place for the purposes of prostitution or illicit sex acts. Likewise, it is for individuals to knowingly use their vehicles to aid in or promote prostitution.

In some cases, prostitution-related offenses rise to the level of a Class 4 felony. More specifically, individuals who encourage, persuade, detain, or take others to a location for the purposes of participating in prostitution violate Va. Code § 18.2-355.

It also is a Class 4 felony to receive money or anything of value in exchange for procuring another to engage in prostitution, except that it becomes a Class 3 felony if the individual who is to engage in the prostitution is under the age of 18, pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-356.

Working with a Norfolk Prostitution Attorney

When you are facing prostitution or prostitution-related charges, you may be unsure what to do first. While you may want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, you also may want to ensure that your rights are protected.

Working with a Norfolk prostitution lawyer may help you protect your rights, safeguard your reputation, and fight back against any accusations. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney today and learn about the different options for resolution that may be available to you.