The Arrest Process and What Happens Next

In Norfolk, if someone is arrested, they should first expect to be taken to the jail where they will be booked, which means that they will have their basic information taken and their photograph taken and their fingerprints.

Then, they will be brought before a magistrate who will either set a bond and then release the person once the bond is posted or decide that there will be no bond and then the person will have to remain in the jail until their arraignment or until they hire a defense attorney in Norfolk to schedule a bond hearing for them.

Are You Charged When You Are Arrested?

You are not charged when you are arrested. You are officially charged when you go to your arraignment. This is when the charges will be read to you, and then the magistrate or judge will ask you whether you plan on hiring your own counsel or if you want to see if you qualify for a public defender. Assuming there is enough probable cause to charge you, that’s when the charges are official.

How Do I Get in Contact With a Lawyer After an Arrest?

It’s not difficult in the digital age to get in contact with a lawyer now after you’re arrested. If you Google your area, there are many lawyers that come up and there are plenty of websites that offer reviews from previous clients of lawyers such as Avvo, Yelp and Google. Any of these are pretty strong indicators of a good attorney. Also, there is word of mouth, which is the traditional way that people have found lawyers for centuries. You can ask around to see if anyone you know has a good lawyer that they recommend or used or if they know of anyone who has obtained good results for somebody.

What Happens After Charges Are Filed in Norfolk?

After charges are filed, the prosecutor, as well as the defendant, begin preparing the case. This is when evidence becomes important and should be collected and a strong defense should start to come together.

What Does a Grand Jury Mean in Norfolk?

The grand jury in Norfolk decides whether there is enough probable cause available to believe that the defendant accused of a crime may run the risk of being found guilty. Grand juries are only relevant in felony cases. They hear evidence after a probable cause hearing in General District Court. The prosecutor presents evidence to the grand jury that shows that the defendant is most likely to have committed the crime. The grand jury then decides whether the evidence constitutes enough probable cause to charge them with a crime.

What Is An Indictment?

If there is enough probable cause in a grand jury hearing, then an indictment is what is issued for the case to move up to Circuit Courts. It’s the document that charges someone officially with a crime.

What Is The Role of a Defense Attorney in a Criminal Case?

A Norfolk criminal lawyer’s role in a criminal case is to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case and to provide the defendant with a strong defense for his case. Norfolk takes all of the charges very seriously. There is no crime in particular that they take more seriously than others. Contacting an attorney is highly beneficial if you are facing a criminal case.