Criminal Charges in Norfolk, Virginia

If you are facing criminal charges in Virginia, the following is information on where your case is most likely to be held along with some common mistakes people facing criminal charges make. To discuss your case in more detail consult with a Norfolk criminal defense lawyer today.

Can You Explain The Norfolk, Virginia Court System For Criminal Cases?

The Norfolk and Virginia court system for criminal cases is consistent throughout all of Virginia. The General District Court hears traffic cases, misdemeanor criminal cases and civil cases involving smaller monetary claims. Decisions in General District Court may be appealed to the circuit court. The Circuit Court hears criminal cases involving felonies as well as appeals from General District Court and civil actions involving higher monetary claims. The Court of Appeals hears appeals or decisions from the Circuit Court and cases from certain state agencies. The Supreme Court of Virginia reviews decisions of the Court of Appeals and of the lower courts and handles matters related to the operation of Virginia’s judicial system.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Criminal Cases That You Have Seen In Norfolk?

In Norfolk, some of the most common criminal cases that I see are reckless driving, driving under the influence and possession of marijuana cases.

I think that these types of cases are more common in Norfolk because of the types of people that live in Norfolk. Norfolk is home to Old Dominion University as well as a very large naval base. Typically, these settings include a lot of young adults and young adults are notorious for letting loose on weekends and in their spare time. Because of having so many people in this younger age bracket, law enforcement officers are prepared and there are always plenty of officers patrolling the areas where these crimes tend to occur.

Where Is An Individual Criminal Case Most Likely To Be Heard If They Are Charged In Norfolk?

Norfolk General District CourtIf someone is charged with a crime in Norfolk, their case will be heard in the Norfolk General District Court. Additionally if it is a traffic matter it will also be heard in the General District Court.

If someone is arrested in Norfolk, they would be taken to the Norfolk City Jail.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Mistakes You See Individuals Charged With Criminal Offenses Make?

The most common mistake I see people charged with criminal offenses make is that they are not aware of their rights or if they are aware of their rights, they fail to exercise their rights. This results in people speaking to law enforcement officers when they really should just be quiet and once they answer law enforcement officer’s questions, a lot of times they end up building a strong case against themselves. People are brought up to respect authority so it’s natural that if a police officer asks you a question, you’re going to want to answer it. But the best thing to do really is to ask for attorney and refuse to answer any questions until you have an attorney by your side.

To avoid making these mistakes, people should be aware of what their rights are or at the very least try to be prepared by knowing that they have the right to an attorney and they should exercise that right before spouting off with their mouth.