Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney in Norfolk

A private defense attorney in Norfolk and elsewhere has the advantage of having the incentive to do well for their client because their practice tends to be more client-focused. They know that if they do well for their client, it results in more clients, which for them results in more business.

Private attorneys work hard for specific cases and care about the result of every particular case. They tend to have a deep personal investment in the results because it affects them as much it affects their clients. They also tend to be very available, so clients can reach them easily with concerns or with updates. This means that if you have additional questions after your consultation or after your meeting, you can call them and typically a good attorney will call you back within 24 hours at the latest. The experience of working with a private attorney is generally just going to be more focused and personal.

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are trying to choose a criminal defense attorney for your case in Norfolk, there are certain traits you should look for.

Aggressive Defense

The benefit of hiring an aggressive Norfolk criminal lawyer is that an aggressive attorney isn’t going to back down and will do whatever it takes to get you good results in your case. Obviously, this is going to be helpful to you when you need someone who can stand up to an aggressive prosecutor with a strong cross examination to counter whatever evidence the prosecutor may throw your way. You want to make sure that your rights are protected and that you aren’t bullied into a position that isn’t favorable to you.

Local Experience

The benefit of an experienced Norfolk criminal lawyer is that you have somebody who has navigated the waters before you. This person is going to have a good idea of what is going to happen to you and what you can expect and also know the best way to defend particular charges because experience says that they have done so many times before, so they’re not just experimenting with you.

Resources to Build Your Defense

The benefit of having an attorney in a law firm as opposed to a solo practitioner is that the law firm is going to provide the attorney with resources that a solo practitioner is just not going to have available to them.

A law firm provides not only more resources financially, such as probably a larger library and access to more research information, but the law firm is also providing something irreplaceable by books, which is the experience of a whole team of other attorneys who can help the attorney on their cases.

In addition to having additional brains to bounce ideas off of, there are also other people that work in a law firm that will be beneficial to a client, such as someone available to answer the phone at all times, even if the attorney on the case isn’t available. Having a team of people helping with each aspect of the process, whether it be marketing, or accounting, frees up the attorney to focus on clients’ cases. Solo attorneys usually have to do the jobs of many other people.