Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney in Norfolk

If someone is charged with a criminal offense in Norfolk, they should contact a Norfolk criminal lawyer immediately and they should also not speak to anyone else about their case. They should make sure that any evidence they have that can help them is preserved so they can present it later on in the trial.

Defending a Criminal Case in Norfolk

It is important to have an attorney that will fight for their client’s rights and will not be afraid to stand up to the prosecutor and will ensure that the defendant’s rights are protected. An aggressive criminal lawyer will not always simply accept the first offered plea deal in order to quickly finish the defendant’s case. They will continue to push and to fight for the best possible deal if that is an avenue the defendant is interested in pursuing. An aggressive attorney will also attack every angle that they can even if the chances of success are small because a small chance is still a chance that the attorney does not want to throw away.

Local Norfolk Experience for Criminal Cases

The benefit of hiring an experienced criminal Norfolk lawyer is that you have someone with local knowledge of the rules of the court for Norfolk and someone who knows the court system, including the judges and the commonwealth attorneys and how they handle cases. Another benefit is that you have someone who can argue the case on your behalf and who can navigate the court system successfully. Defendants who attempt to represent themselves in criminal cases are expected to know the law and criminal procedure in the same way attorneys are. Many times, they make serious mistakes because they do not know the required rules of the court. It is not advisable to represent yourself in court on criminal matters.

Law Firm Resources and Norfolk Criminal Cases

The biggest advantage in having an attorney who is part of a law firm is access to more resources and options. Someone in a law firm has a wide variety of resources available to them found in the brains of the other attorneys around them. This provides multiple opinions and ideas and experiences and strategies that can strengthen the attorney’s case, and therefore directly affect the defendant. While solo attorneys may also have a large network of people they can reach out to for help, a firm attorney has more incentive to help their personal group because a win for one of them is a win for the entire firm.