Norfolk Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer

Claims of the risk of injury to a minor are taken very seriously, investigated immediately, and if the risk of harm is shown, the child may be removed from the home pending removal hearings.

If you have been accused of causing a risk of injury to a minor, you should seek immediate help from a seasoned domestic violence attorney. An experienced lawyer could help you build a defense. Speak to an attorney to discuss your rights, case, and potential consequences of a conviction

Behaviors That Constitute Risk of Injury to a Minor?

Norfolk law does not explicitly describe behaviors that constitute a risk of injury to a minor. But there are a great number of examples of behaviors that could constitute a risk to a minor. Protection of the morals and general health of minor children is covered by Virginia code section 40.1-103.

For instance, presenting illicit substances in a way that the child may have access to them could be considered as a risk of injury to a minor. Another example of risk of injury to a minor includes leaving children unsupervised for extended periods, or in dangerous conditions such as extreme heat or cold, among others. For example, leaving the child unattended in the car is usually covered under Virginia Code Section 18.2-371.1, titled Abuse and Neglect of Children.

Norfolk courts judge risk of injury to a minor cases under a criminal negligence standard. Criminal negligence is defined as reckless or indifferent disregard for the rights or safety of others under circumstances that make it not improbable that injury will occur, and the accused person knows or should know of the results of their actions.

What Happens After Child Endangerment Arrest in Norfolk?

After a child-endangerment arrest in Norfolk, the child or children are often removed from the home pending a removal hearing. During that time, the parent or parents will meet the child, and protective services will open its own investigation to determine whether the child should be removed. That can include a parenting plan through which the accused persons can prevent removal from the parent by changing their parenting habits.

What Are the Consequences of a Conviction?

The risk of injury to a minor is always charged as a felony. Some of the mitigating or aggravating factors that might have an impact on the degree of the charge would include whether there was an injury sustained by the child and whether the parent has taken steps to ensure that such an incident never occurs again.

The risk of injury to a minor is punishable as a Class six felony, which carries a possible prison sentence of up five years.

If an individual is charged with child endangerment, there is a difference whether it involved sexual contact or conduct. An individual can still be charged with several different statutes of sexual contact, including delinquency of a minor.

What the Laws Surrounding Corporal Punishment And Physical Discipline of a Child?

In Norfolk, an adult may be charged with assault and battery of a family member or a more serious charge if a corporal punishment exceeds the bounds of due moderation and how it is inflicted, or what objects were used to inflict that punishment.

Let a Norfolk Risk of Injury to a Minor Attorney Help

It is best to retain the services of an attorney following a risk of injury to a minor charge. The penalties of a conviction could be severe. Individuals could face jail time, have harsh fines, and the loss of parental rights. A Norfolk risk of injury to a minor lawyer could investigate the circumstances, gather evidence, and help you fight the charges. A knowledgeable attorney could help ensure your rights are protected from the beginning. Call today to discuss your case.