What Are Common Drug Charges in Norfolk?

Below, a Norfolk drug lawyer discusses the most common drug crimes that take place in the Norfolk area and some common  scenarios involving drug related crimes. To learn more schedule a free consultation today.

Common Drug Charges in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk is the home to Old Dominion University. So many times it is the students that are charged with drug related charges with the most common being possession of marijuana.

Possession of Marijuana

Possession of marijuana is actually by far the most common drug related charge that we have seen in Norfolk. Possession occurs when a person possesses any controlled substance without a valid prescription (Code of Virginia 18.2-250)

Another way that the charges typically come out is when someone is pulled over for a driving related offense such as speeding or taillight was out and then the law enforcement officers smell the marijuana in the vehicle. This results in the search of the vehicle which turns up the marijuana and the driver is charged with the possession of it.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Possession with intent to distribute occurs when there is evidence to suggest that a a person sells, provides, gives away, delivers, or distributes a controlled substance. When it comes to charges such as distribution or manufacturing there usually has to be a larger quantity of the drug or there has to be some other evidence that implies the drug use was more than just for personal use. This evidence is commonly in the form of baggies, and scales or other paraphernalia that is pointing to a bigger distribution thing going on.

Sale or Manufacture of Drugs

Sale or manufacturing occurs when a person produces a controlled substance without legal authorization or possesses chemicals used in the manufacture of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture. It can also occur when someone trades drugs for something of value, or shares drugs with a friend.

Prescription Drug-Related Charges in Norfolk

You can be arrested for a prescription drug even if you have a valid prescription for it. It happens when someone is driving while impaired by the drug or sometimes when a prescription holder is selling the drug to other people. If you have a valid prescription but you didn’t have it on you, you can still be arrested because the officer doesn’t know whether you actually have the prescription or not. Often times if there weren’t any unlawful actions with the drugs aside from the question of whether they belong to you if you just present the prescription in court the judge dismisses the charge.

The bigger issue really is possessing prescription drugs without a prescription. Most prescription drugs that are used recreationally may constitute a felony conviction which can land somebody up to 10 years in prison. All drug possession crimes have a mandatory 6 month license suspension that comes with them. This is also true for prescription drugs regardless of whether they were being used recreationally as well if the prescription does not belong to the person in possession of the drug. The severity of the punishment is affected by what specific drug is at issue and not so much of whether you have used or were using the drug. So if you are suffering from migraines and you borrow your friend’s prescription migraine medications you are going to be charged the same as someone who is partying in the club on Adderall.