Norfolk Drug Distribution Lawyer

Law enforcement in Norfolk been cracking down on drug distribution. Since the 1980s, law enforcement has viewed drug distribution as a priority. Certain elements of drug distribution cause it to be taken more seriously than possession charges.

Drug distribution involves spreading some dangerous and addictive drugs in the surrounding community. Ingesting such substances without any control could lead to life destroyed in addiction, permanent physical and mental injury, and sometimes death. Addiction could easily destroy a community. Police, therefore, have an interest in punishing those more severely that are responsible for distributing these dangerous substances.

Those who have been convicted of drug distribution often face serious consequences such as jail time and harsh fines. If you have been accused of distributing narcotics, it is best to retain the services of an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Norfolk drug distribution lawyer could help you fight the charges. A tenacious drug attorney could help you understand the charges, the potential penalties as well as help you build a defense.

Aggravating Factors

There are some elements in a drug distribution case which could increase the charges as well as the penalties. Some aggravating factors that increase the severity of a drug distribution charge include:

  • The presence of firearms
  • The type of drug being distributed
  • The amount possessed
  • Whether someone died as the result of these drugs
  • Who died as the result of the drug distributed

A seasoned Norfolk drug distribution lawyer could review the facts of the case and help reduce the consequences of a conviction.

Proving Drug Distribution Cases

The kinds of evidence the prosecution needs to use to prove drug distribution charges is either direct or circumstantial evidence. Direct evidence would be controlled in which an undercover officer purchases drugs and record the transaction or formerly purchased drugs and reports back to the police.

Circumstantial evidence of distribution would be the comings and goings of different people to a residence or the premise of large sums of cash, multiple cell phones, large quantities of drugs more than would be for personal use, and the presence of multiple scales.

Types of Constitutional Issues That Could Arise in a Drug Distribution Case

Constitutional issues that could arise in drug a distribution case often involve the Fourth Amendment. The most common scenarios involving drug distribution include traffic stops, search warrants executed on homes, wiretaps, and the use of informants.

Traffic stops often serve as probable cause for the stop, whether reasonable suspicion exists with the search, whether probable cause existed to search the entire vehicle or individual inside the vehicle, and the length of the stop.

Search warrants executed on homes also have to be supported without probable cause or after this probable cause is created from the use of informants. If an informant is involved, the common law must prove that the informant was reliable, and the informant has some established level of truthfulness and trustworthiness.

Elements of a Crime That Could Be Contested at Trial

The most contested element of a crime at trial is whether the drugs were possessed with the intent to distribute them. The common law officer would bring in expert witnesses that would testify that the quantity of drugs possessed, as well as their packaging, indicated an intent to distribute.

Another contested issue often is the exact weight of the drugs possessed and the exact weight of the drugs intended to be distributed. Some drugs may have been for personal use and others for distribution. A skilled drug distribution attorney could collect evidence to help prove the accused individual’s case.

Let a Norfolk Drug Distribution Attorney Help

Immediately following a charge, arrest, or accusation of drug distribution, you should speak to a diligent defense attorney. When selecting a defense attorney, a person should look for experience, which is invaluable. A defense attorney should have knowledge and experience in dealing with drug distribution cases. Call a Norfolk drug distribution lawyer today to discuss your rights, building your case, and legal options.