Norfork Drug Possession Lawyer

An individual in Norfork possesses a drug when that individual is aware of the presence of the drug, exercises control over the drug and its medium, and is aware of the drug’s character and nature. In other words, they are aware that they possess illegal narcotics. This can be proven through direct and circumstantial evidence, such as nervous behavior in front of the police officer.

A person can be found in possession of illegal drugs in Norfork in several ways. Drugs are most commonly found on an individual’s person or in that individual’s car or home. All controlled substances are treated with equal significance. If a police officer finds a person to be in possession of what the officer believes to be an illegal drug, then that individual will likely be charged with possession of an illegal substance. There are no drugs that police are unlikely to charge a person with. Even if an individual is found with only a small amount of marijuana, a police officer could charge that individual with possession of marijuana.

Because of the serious harm that could come to individuals, the community, and the environment because of illegal drugs, Norfork law enforcement makes stopping the possession and distribution of illegal drugs a priority. If you have been charged with possessing narcotics, reach out to a skilled drug attorney as soon as possible. A Norfork drug possession lawyer could review the facts of your case and help you build a defense.

How Can a Conviction Impact a Person’s Life?

Some factors that can impact the seriousness of a drug possession charge are the amount of the drug and whether or not the individual intended to distribute the drug. The prosecution will investigate to determine whether the substance found can be linked to any debts in the community and whether the individual in possession of the drug simultaneously posses a firearm. These could be used as aggravating factors in a narcotics case.

If someone is convicted of a drug charge, they will most likely be a convicted felon for the rest of their life, which can have devasting consequences. Convicted felons may be ineligible for various loans or housing in certain places, unable to run for a public office, or even disqualified for a particular job. Many doors are closed, and many opportunities are lost for those convicted of felonies.

Mistakes to Avoid in Drug Possession Case

The biggest mistake to avoid in a drug possession case is speaking rashly to the police. When an individual is arrested, usually they are read their Miranda rights, which includes the right to not speak with police officers. Anything that someone says to a police officer regarding substances allegedly in their possession will likely be incriminating information and can be used at trial to convict that person.

Seek Help From a Norfork Drug Possession Attorney Today

A drug possession lawyer can build a defense against the charges by first determining the constitutionality of a search warrant or of law enforcement stopping an individual. A motion to suppress could be filed in an effort to exclude the evidence obtained from the stop or search from being used at trial.

The narcotics attorney could determine whether the drug was found on the accused person, if it was actually used by them, and how frequently they were seen on the premises where the product was found. The attorney can determine if the substance is actually an illegal product. There are possible scenarios in which the alleged drug is a benign substance like baking soda.

During a drug trial, a representative from the department of forensic science could testify regarding whether they tested the substance retrieved from the accused individual’s person, car, or residence. Additionally, they could testify the legitimacy of the illegal narcotic. If there are no constitutional issues and if there was an admission of guilt, then alternatives like the first offender program or drug treatment facilities may be considered.

You should not try to fight your case alone. Let a Norfork drug possession lawyer advocate on your behalf. Call today to schedule a consultation.