Our Approach to Norfolk DUI Cases

Norfolk DUI cases can be scary and frustrating experiences, from the traffic stop onward. We believe it is important to remember that you don’t have to fight the charges alone. There is a lot of procedure involved in DUI stops and administering the tests, and there is a lot of room for law enforcement officers to have made mistakes. If you have been charged with a DUI in Norfolk, don’t panic. Contact a Norfolk DUI attorney to discuss your options and what steps you can take to protect your rights, record, and reputation.

Below, a Norfolk DUI lawyer discusses their approach to cases involving driving under the influence charges in the Norfolk area.

Why Do You Enjoy Defending DUI Cases on Norfolk?

DUI cases can be challenging when you are looking for and pointing out the smallest details that could lead to a not guilty verdict for a client because of a mistake made by the police. DUI cases often involve challenging the evidence, and this can be more challenging in certain cases.

But that is why we enjoy DUI cases—because it involves thinking outside of the box to overcome any potential evidence the state may have. Cases like that are more interesting and fun because it’s not just flat easy simple law, it’s a little more subjective and you can be a little more creative.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You On Their Norfolk DUI Cases?

Clients choose to work with me because they trust that we will work hard to defend them and know we’ll do everything possible to prevent them from having a DUI conviction on the record and the negative consequences that come with that.

Advantages of an Attorney in Norfolk DUI Cases

It is important to have an attorney with experience to make sure that everything is done properly, to ensure the defendant’s rights weren’t violated, and that the police did everything correct according to procedure in making the arrest and building evidence against the defendant.

How Important is Local Experience in DUI Defense in Norfolk?

The more familiar you are with case law and research, the more familiar you’re going to be with what is required to obtain probable cause to rest. Often around here, the police don’t follow the test requirement, so it’s good to know exactly what the local judges and prosecutors are looking for and how to bring that to your advantage.