Norfolk Firearm Possession Lawyer   

A Norfolk firearm possession lawyer is equipped with the knowledge to help you with gun ownership. The process to legally possess a firearm is not challenging in Norfolk. Once a person is an adult, if they have never been convicted of a felony or domestic assault, has never been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, or had a reason to take away their rights to possess a firearm, then the person has the right to own a firearm so long as they can afford it and pass any background checks. Contact a qualified attorney to learn more about firearm possession in Norfolk.

Steps to Lawfully Possess a Firearm in Norfolk

Assuming that a person has never been convicted of any crimes that would have removed their rights to possess a firearm, a person can go to a gun store, fill out the necessary paperwork, conduct a background check, and then they would be able to legally own a gun. Consult with a Norfolk firearm possession lawyer if there are any concerns about the steps.

In Virginia, a person does not have to register firearms. Other states may require it, but Virginia does not require gun registration. It is fairly common in Virginia to own a gun.

Legal Documentation of Firearm

A person does not necessarily need to carry legal documentation around, but it is often a good idea. For example, if they have a concealed carry permit, they should have that permit with them at all times if they have a firearm. If a person has a receipt that shows the gun is theirs, the person may not necessarily have to keep that on the person at all times, but they should keep it in case they need it later.

There could be a case in which a person is legally able to own a gun, but the person they live with is not. The guns could be confiscated from the person who is legally able to own them if they did not have proper documentation, which is why it can be important to keep such paperwork.

Concealed Carry Permit

A concealed carry permit needs to be carried with the person if the person has their firearm with them. If the person is stopped and they can show that they have a permit, the person will not be charged with a criminal charge. Otherwise, the person does not necessarily need to carry documentation as long as they have it in a safe, retrievable place. A Norfolk firearm possession lawyer can better assist with the legalities of concealed carry permits and other documentation regarding gun ownership.

Avoiding Consequences

If a person is in public and they legally possesses a firearm, even though Virginia allows a person to open carry, they cannot go within a certain distance of a school or federal building with a firearm. This can lead to criminal charges. Also, if a person uses the gun in an intimidating manner, then the person can be charged with brandishing of a firearm, which is a misdemeanor. It is important for a person to make sure they comply with gun regulations. Talk to a Norfolk firearm possession lawyer for more information.