Gun Laws in Norfolk 

A person should know that gun laws in Norfolk are not necessarily harsher than other states. In Virginia, there is no firearms database or firearms registry like there is in other states, but the person does have to follow all the laws of Virginia. If a person moves, they have to follow the laws of the state that they move to. An experienced gun lawyer has more knowledge about firearm regulation in Virginia. Contact one for more information.

Recent Changes to Gun Laws in Norfolk

Last year, the law was changed to fully recognize reciprocity for a concealed carry permit or the right to own a firearm provided that the person has not had a permit specifically revoked in Virginia or specifically denied in Virginia or the person’s privilege to own a firearm in Virginia has not been revoked.

Gun laws that could change in the future include an attempt to create a firearm registry, which informs the government of a person’s ownership of a gun. There is also a possibility that certain types of guns will either be banned or restricted.

Gun charges are treated very seriously, especially as the cases become more high-profile. There are more high-profile cases and certainly more mass shootings. Prosecutors want to avoid that and they are likely going to be ever vigilant about getting convictions on these types of cases.

Norfolk Gun Laws Compared to Others

Virginia has always been one of the more permissive states when it comes to gun ownership. The National Rifle Association is organized in Northern Virginia and they have a strong lobbying presence in the Virginia legislature so that they tend to work hard to keep some of the harsher anti-gun statutes that other states such as Connecticut have passed. They work to keep those from being passed here.

Moving Out of State with a Gun

Virginia has reciprocity with most other states regarding concealed carry permits. The person’s permit should be good or the person should be able to get a Virginia permit based on the other state. Virginia does not have a national gun registry, so the person does not have to register those guns. If it is a handgun, a person does not have to register. Certain types of rifles have to be registered federally, but if a person moves from another state, the person should have already had that registered anyway.

Misconceptions About Gun Laws in Norfolk

A big misconception a person may have about gun laws in Norfolk involves registering a firearm. To reiterate, Virginia does not require gun registration. A person may also think that because Virginia is a friendlier state for gun owners, they can carry guns anywhere they want and they do not have to have a concealed carry permit. While Virginia may be more lenient in terms of gun laws, a person should still be vigilant about what regulations are in place.

Hiring a Gun Lawyer

It is common that many individuals do not know the specific sentences and punitive actions regarding a violation of gun laws. Possession of a firearm by a felon, for example, is a felony and, depending on the circumstances, it could lead to an active jail sentence that the judge cannot suspend.

If the person is ineligible to possess a gun and the person tries to fill out paperwork to own a gun, they can be charged with a felony. Consulting with a qualified attorney about Norfolk gun laws can help you avoid repercussions like being charged with a felony.

There is no doubt that a person will face harsh consequences following the misuse of a gun, so it is important that they have a qualified attorney by their side. A gun lawyer can provide knowledge, legal guidance, and reassurance.