Norfolk Hit and Run Lawyer

Hit and run accidents can be complicated in Norfolk. When somebody knowingly flees the scene of an accident, it can leave the victim feeling confused and overwhelmed. Additionally, it can be difficult to track the person down after they have fled. A Norfolk traffic attorney with experience in hit and run accidents can help you get the economic and punitive damages that you are entitled to.

It is important to note that immediately following an accident, you should try to get the license plate and physical description of the automobile and driver involved, in case they do attempt to flee the scene. After this, it is vital to call the police so they can write up a report and document the car accident. This will ensure that the details are accurate which will prevent the possibility of miscalculating the liability.

Defining a Hit and Run

When someone commits a hit and run, they have left the scene of an accident without stopping to leave identifying information or without rendering aid. Additional charges may be included with the hit and run charges, if the driver who fled the scene was under the influence of alcohol or was driving a stolen vehicle. Often, it is because they either knew the consequences were very dire and are afraid of getting charged or they did not think it was a big deal and believed it was a minor offense and not worth stopping for. During an initial consultation, a Norfolk hit and run lawyer will go over the facts of the person’s case and will explain to them what level of offense their particular case arises to.

Hit and Run Penalties

The penalties for a hit and run largely depend on the amount of damage and whether the affected vehicle or property was unattended or attended. The penalties can range from a Class 4 misdemeanor to a Class 5 felony, which means the penalties can range from a simple fine to up to 10 years in prison. A Norfolk hit and run attorney who is experienced in the local court system and knows the players involved, such as the judges and prosecutors, will be able to give perspective into what a defendant might expect regarding the severity of the penalties relating to their particular scenario.

Civil Penalties

The plaintiff in the case of a hit and run will probably recover punitive damages, which are damages awarded to the plaintiff as punishment to the person who fled the scene of the accident, and they may also be entitled to compensation for the damages caused by the hit and run. In deciding appropriate penalties, it is the duty of a Norfolk hit and run lawyer to ensure that their client understands their standing throughout the entire process so they can be prepared for what’s to come.

Usually, the civil case will be put on pause while the criminal case is being prosecuted. A conviction in a person’s criminal case can be used as evidence in their civil case. A criminal conviction is very strong evidence of liability that can lead to a faster resolution of the civil action.