Norfolk License Suspension Lawyer

For those who have had their license suspended or may have their license suspended if found guilty, a Norfolk licence suspension lawyer is available to help. An experienced traffic lawyer in Norfolk can help them petition the court so that they can qualify for a restricted driver’s license which will allow them to drive to the most important places such as work, school, religious services and medical appointments, or can help them get their license back, depending on the reason for the suspension.

Common Causes of License Suspension in Norfolk

The most common causes of license suspension in Norfolk are unpaid fines, unpaid costs, and excessive moving violations.

If someone does not pay their fines or costs immediately with the court or set up a payment plan that the court agrees to, then the court is allowed to suspend that person’s license due to the failure to pay fines or costs.  The individual may challenge the suspension by requesting a hearing in court and proving that they have paid the fine or set up a payment plan at that time.

In a DUI, a person’s license is automatically suspended for seven days when they are arrested.  This is called an administrative license suspension.  After a DUI, if someone wanted their driving privileges back, then they need to take immediate action by having a Norfolk license suspension attorney schedule a DMV hearing to challenge that suspension. If the person waits, they run the risk of the seven days passing before they get the opportunity to have their case heard.  It is important for those hearings to be scheduled immediately.

Challenging a License Suspension in Norfolk

An individual can petition the court in Norfolk if the suspension is fine-related. They can petition to have their license reinstated after if they agree to a payment plan or pay off all of the fines.  If someone’s license is suspended for other reasons, then they can petition the court to get a restricted driver’s license.

If a person is convicted of a DUI, then their license is suspended, but if they are arrested for the DUI for the seven-day license suspension from the arrest, they get their license back automatically at the end of the seven days. If someone is convicted, then they need to get a restricted driver’s license. If they are acquitted, then their license does not get suspended at all.

Attending the Hearing and Filing an Appeal

An individual needs to attend the hearing in court.  Depending on the reason for the suspension, there are different things they may have to do beforehand in order to be successful in their hearing.

For example, if a person’s license was suspended in Norfolk due to an accumulation of too many demerit points, then if they take a driver improvement class for five positive points, this can sometimes be enough to not to have their license suspended at all. To learn more about the specific steps that may help your situation, call and schedule a consultation with a license suspension lawyer in Norfolk today.

Role of a Norfolk License Suspension Lawyer

A Norfolk license suspension attorney can help their client figure out what the best course of action is going to be in order for them to be successful in not having their license suspended at all.

A Norfolk lawyer can help protect a person’s driving privileges by fighting for their privileges to ensure they keep their license even if their actions are sure to result in a conviction of an offense. In cases where it is unavoidable a person’s license will be suspended, then their Norfolk lawyer can help them get a restricted license. With a restricted license, driving privileges are not completely lost and a person can still get to their job, school and other important places as listed in the restricted license.