Biggest Mistakes and Misconceptions in Norfolk Reckless Driving Charges

Accused of reckless driving in Virginia? Here are mistakes and misconceptions most commonly seen by a Norfolk reckless driving lawyer. For help avoiding these mistakes, or to learn more about your charges and their potential impact call today and schedule a free consultation with an experienced legal representative.

The most common misconception is that reckless driving is a traffic offense. Reckless driving is heard in the same courtroom as all of the traffic cases so this is a very easy mistake to make from the beginning of the traffic stop right on through the whole trial. Also, because signing a summons is so similar to signing a traffic ticket drivers don’t catch the differences immediately.

I have had many clients tell me that they were charged with speeding and then when they look at the piece of paper they signed they are surprised to see that it says reckless driving on it. This is a pricey mistake to make not only financially but also in terms of long term personal consequences. The difference between a traffic conviction that eventually will disappear from your driving record and a criminal conviction that remains part of someone’s criminal record forever is a huge difference.

Biggest Mistakes in Norfolk Reckless Driving Cases

A common mistake I see is admitting to the police officer that they were aware of how fast they were going while they were driving at a reckless speed. They just make the officer’s case easy. Another common mistake is not taking the charge seriously since there is no prosecutor and they weren’t taken into custody at all. I have had clients ask me if they can just go ahead and pay the fine so that they don’t have to go to court without realizing that isn’t an option available because they are criminal charges and not traffic offenses.

How Can a Norfolk Reckless Driving Charge Impact An Out of State Driver?

Because many surrounding states don’t have reckless driving by speed, often times an out of state driver is really shocked by what they are facing. The impact on an out of state driver in terms of Virginia law is that they will be required to come back to the Commonwealth to address the case in court. Virginia will also share the conviction with the out of state driver’s home state so the driver will be further impacted by any consequences or penalties the home sate decides to impose on him.

Why Shouldn’t An Individual Simply Pay The Fine Associated With Reckless Driving Ticket so That They Can Get it Over With?

This is not an available option as drivers charged with reckless driving are required to appear in court. If there were an option to prepay the fine it would definitely not be a good one because of the consequences of doing so. Reckless driving is not simply a traffic infraction and a conviction results in a class 1 misdemeanor on someone’s criminal record which lasts forever.