Our Approach to Norfolk Reckless Driving Cases

If you have been accused of reckless driving in Norfolk, the following is what you should know before hiring a defense attorney for your case. This includes the benefits of hiring local counsel and the main things an attorney should look for in a case. To learn more about reckless driving or to discuss your charge, call today and schedule a free consultation with a Norfolk reckless driving lawyer.

What Are Some of the First Things You Ask When Dealing With a Potential Reckless Driving Client For the First Time?

When I meet with a potential client for the first time, I typically ask what happened from before the moment they were pulled over until after the cop walked away from the scene. The details are important in these cases and I want to know all of them. I always ask if the potential client was polite and cooperative with the police officer and what the police officer’s demeanor was like as well.

What Are The Main Things That You Look For in a Case?

I look for anything that might point to the driver not being guilty first off, which often times isn’t much at all. I ask what the road conditions were like at that time and if there were any other cars on the road. Then I look for positive things that the driver has going on in their personal life that maybe will show the judge that this particular person deserves a second chance such as if they are doing really well in school or they are a volunteer in their community or they are the sole bread winner for a large family or if they don’t have any prior convictions on their record.

I ask my clients to be proactive in their own defenses by doing whatever they can to make this list of good things about them stronger than the cases against them. I ask them to do community service and to bring me the DMV records to present in court if it is good or their school transcripts.

Advantages of Local Counsel

The advantage of knowing what to expect and being able to relate that information to the client before the case is put on. While it is certainly possible to do a good job defending a reckless driving matter in an unfamiliar courtroom it is much easier to do so in a courtroom where the judges and their methods are already familiar. Some judges will react differently to the exact same defense and it is important to know what has a stronger chance of being effective because you really only get one go.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You in Norfolk Reckless Driving Matters?

Clients choose me for their Norfolk reckless driving matters because I know reckless driving cases very well and I get my clients the best possible results under whatever their particular circumstance happens to be.

Clients choose me because I will candidly tell them what it looks like in terms of possible defenses and potential penalties if the defense does not work. I will tell them honestly what the consequences are whether they want to hear or not. I will make my clients work as hard for themselves as I will work for them which results in a team effort that tends to bring the best possible results.