Consequences of a Speeding Ticket in Norfolk

Norfolk law enforcement officers can tell if you are speeding because they monitor traffic using various types of equipment like radar, LiDAR gun, speed traps and traffic cameras. They can also pace your vehicle to determine how fast you’re going. However just because you have been cited for speeding does not mean you should simply pay the fine, as this is an admission of guilt. Consult with a Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer to discuss your case and learn your best course of action.

Speeding Ticket Penalties

Speeding is a traffic infraction. The penalties for speeding in Virginia are a fine and some demerit points on your driving record. There is no jail time possible for just speeding.

In Norfolk, if you’re convicted of speeding, you will receive demerit points on your driving record as well as a conviction on your driving record. Your insurance generally also will go up for three years.

If the demerit points from a speeding ticket will result in the suspension of your license, it is crucial that you take steps to protect your driving privileges. For many of us, driving privileges are necessary to get to our jobs , collect groceries, and pick up children from school.

Do I Need To Appear in Court For A Speeding Ticket?

You are not required to show up to court for a speeding ticket but the best thing to do for speeding ticket is to show up to court because it gives you the opportunity to fight the ticket. If you prepay the fine, it is equivalent to pleading guilty and accepting the consequences without a fight.

Are Speeding Tickets Common in Norfolk?

Because there is a lot of traffic in Norfolk, it’s not very hard for a police officer to issue speeding tickets on just about any road. It’s very common for law enforcement officers to stop speeding vehicles on roads that are heavily trafficked particularly during rush hour. It’s also very common for officers to set up speed traps to catch speeders.

What Is It Important To Seek An Aggressive Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

It’s important to seek an aggressive speeding ticket attorney in Norfolk so that you have someone on your side that you know is going to fight for you and your rights.

You want an attorney that you know is going to stand up for you and is not going to be shy about pushing to get you through each step of the case in the best possible way. It’s also very important to know what to expect and that you get the chance to tell your side of the story while also presenting it in a positive light. An aggressive lawyer will make sure that you’re heard in court when you need to be, and will fight for your driving privileges.