Norfolk Robbery Lawyer 

Robbery is easiest to understand as assault plus larceny. It is taking something from another person with the use of force, threat, or intimidation. Of the theft offenses, robbery is one of the more serious ones. Robbery can be prosecuted as a felony, especially if weapons are used during the robbery. If you have been charged with a robbery offense, it is important that you get in touch with a Norfolk robbery lawyer. A determined theft attorney could fight diligently in your defense.

Elements of a Robbery Offense

With robbery, normally, with larceny and other theft-type offenses, the prosecution does not have to show any sort of force or threats of force or threats of violence. A key element in robbery is that whatever a person took from a person, they took it directly from that person and they used either violence or the threat of violence to do so.

The prosecution has to prove that the person took an item that did not belong to them. They took an item from another person’s possession, meaning it was in their hands or on their body and, in the process of doing so, they either used some sort of violence to do so, some force, or they threatened to use force in order to get it.

Consequences of a Robbery Offense

Robbery is a felony so if someone is convicted of robbery, they face a felony conviction. They would have to submit to a DNA screening or submit a DNA sample for testing as required by law, they would have a Category 1 violent felony on their record, and those are very serious that would cause any future felony convictions a person is sentenced to be much higher. A person can face the possibility of life in prison.

Qualities to Look for in a Legal Advocate

Robbery is a charge that carries the possibility of life in prison. A person may want an attorney that is experienced, that is confident, that they trust, that can be honest and clear with them about their options. The more cases that a legal advocate has handled, they tend to get a better idea of what is required to get a conviction. An experienced Norfolk robbery lawyer could be able to help someone look at what their best options are and take advantage of any flaws in the Commonwealth’s case.

Value of a Norfolk Robbery Attorney

Robbery is a serious charge. It carries the possibility of life in prison and, often, the facts on robbery charges can entail some disturbing facts and disturbing elements. An attorney who has never handled a robbery case before may not be able to handle the severity of the allegations whereas an experienced Norfolk robbery lawyer who has handled these types of cases can keep themselves together and stay calm when looking at all of the facts. Robbery is a felony so there is no mandatory minimum if someone is tried by a judge. However, it does carry with it the maximum sentence which is life in prison. A hard-working attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for those who have been charged.