Building a Norfolk Robbery Defense

If you have been charged with a robbery offense, it is important that you consult al local skilled robbery lawyer. Local attorneys tend to know the prosecutors more, they know the judges; they are going to be more familiar with how things are done and they may be able to provide better outcomes just based on the relationships they have with everyone involved. A dedicated attorney could begin building a Norfolk robbery defense for you.

Preparing a Defense

The first thing an attorney may do when building a Norfolk robbery defense is talk to the accused in order to get their take on what happened. They want to try to get an idea to see how they are going to defend this case. Is this a situation where they are claiming self-defense? Are they claiming there was a mistaken identity, things like that? After that, the attorney may try to get their potential client’s witnesses either to the event or witnesses to determine where the person was at that time that could possibly exonerate the defendant. They then try to do what is called discovery where they get ahold of information from the commonwealth related to the case, evidence that can be used to help them present a defense.

Evidence in Robbery Defenses

When building a Norfolk robbery defense, a robbery lawyer should try to find any witness statements by any of the parties. The lawyer may want to see who saw the events and can testify as to what happened. Again, if the testimony is that the accused was not there, they will want witnesses to testify as to where the person was. It is testimony that defense attorneys compile. The lawyers may then want to review the evidence against the accused and look into whether there is physical evidence that supports their argument.

Accepting a Plea Deal

Whether to accept a plea deal or not is up to the defendant. The attorney can suggest what they think the individual should do but, ultimately, it is their choice. The attorney should sit down with the defendant and review the plea offer and review the benefits of the plea, what exactly the accused is getting in exchange for this plea. They may also talk about the likelihood of success. If the attorney usually believes the plea offer is the best possible outcome for the client and that, should they go to trial, there would be a significant risk of getting convicted and getting a worse outcome than the plea offer, the attorney would recommend they take the plea offer.

Initial Consultation with a Norfolk Robbery Attorney

It is important to bring pertinent case information to an initial meeting with an attorney. The lawyer may want to know where the individual is being charged and what kind of charges the person faces. It is also important to share any pending court dates. If there are any witnesses, the lawyer may want to know those so that they can get them subpoenaed, and talk to them, and get their stories written down as quickly as possible because people tend to forget things or change their stories. A person should contact a lawyer as soon as they are charged or as soon as they believe they are going to be charged. The sooner a lawyer can start working on a case, the better especially if they have to get witnesses together and get information together. If a person has been charged, they should consult a hardworking attorney that could start building a Norfolk robbery defense for them.