Uniform Demerit Point System in Norfolk

The Uniform Demerit Point System is how Virginia assesses people’s driving record demerit points. The system uses demerit points in an attempt to penalize and deter traffic offenders. Points are either subtracted or added according to different driving behaviors with negative points resulting in penalties and positive points being a good thing. If you have too many points accumulate, then it’s possible for your driver’s license to be suspended.

Speak with a traffic lawyer in Norfolk today if you have questions about how the Virginia Uniform Demerit Point System applies to your case.

What Determines The Points Assigned To a Particular Offenses?

The Department of Motor Vehicle is the one that determines which points go with what. Each particular infraction has a set amount of points that corresponds with it.  There is a list available through the DMV website that shows specifically which offenses result in how many points and range from 3, 4 or 6 demerit points.

How Long Do Demerit Points Last?

The demerit points will remain on an individual’s record for two years. The length that the conviction remains, however, varies depending on the severity of the particular conviction.

Accumulating too many points is grounds for having your driver’s license suspended. Too many points, in this case, means 18 points accrued within one year, or 24 points within two years.  Not only could this result in your license being suspended, but your insurance company will also be notified, which will most likely result in higher insurance premiums.

Dealing with Demerit Points

You may not challenge the points assessed to you license. However, you can challenge the charges that ultimately lead to these points. Charges are appealable within 10 calendar days of the conviction or you may petition to have your case reopened within 60 calendar days.

There are two key ways that points can come off your license once they have been applied. First, you can take a driver improvement class once every two years voluntarily. This results in 5 positive points on your record. The second way is simply by waiting for the points to disappear over time. Points only remain on your driving record for two years. For every year of positive driving behavior (no traffic violations), a demerit point is eliminated.

How Can a Norfolk Traffic Lawyer Help?

It’s also important to speak with an attorney before you’re threatened with these demerit point so that you can go to court with the attorney and possibly prevent them from being added in the first place. However, an experienced traffic lawyer may even be able to help you obtain a restricted driver’s license if you run the risk of having your license suspended due to accumulating too many points on your driving record.