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Title IX is a statute which the federal government enacted in 1972. The original purpose of the statute was to prevent gender bias at the college and university level. Recently, however, the government has extended these protections to sexual violence claims by and against college and university students. Under the law, a college or university must perform an independent investigation into such allegations as soon as they arise.

Although there are obvious benefits to protecting against sexual violence at colleges and universities, especially given the widespread problem, hearings in the resulting school disciplinary proceedings are often focused on obtaining a quick outcome, rather than justice for the accused. Given the high risk of negative publicity by the media, many colleges and universities will attempt to rush through the proceedings and decide on an outcome quickly, without allowing the accused student an opportunity to face their accuser or examine witnesses who may have been present.

If you or a loved one is a college or university student who is facing criminal charges for sexual violence or assault, you need an experienced lawyer representing you at all school and legal proceedings. A Portsmouth Title IX  lawyer can be present at these proceedings and zealously advocate on your behalf.

Crimes that Fall under Title IX

Colleges and universities take sexual assault and violence allegations very seriously. Title IX requires that schools investigate these serious allegations. Pertinent allegations may include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking

What Can Happen?

If one student alleges that another student committed an act of sexual violence or aggression towards them, the college or university will first begin an investigation into these allegations. As part of that investigation, they will typically set up a school disciplinary hearing.

If, following the hearing, the school board determines that the allegations are true, the board could sanction the student accordingly. These sanctions may include a period of probation, as well as suspension or expulsion from the school. The accused may also lose scholarship funds which the school provides.

In addition to a school disciplinary hearing, the accuser may file criminal charges against the student. When this occurs, the student might have to appear at criminal hearings or at a criminal trial, after which a judge could impose a criminal sentence. Criminal penalties could include fines, probation, or jail time.

Even if a criminal prosecutor dismisses the charge, the school could still decide to go forward with a disciplinary hearing and sanction the student accordingly. Consequently, it is important to have a Portsmouth Title IX attorney present at any school hearing or criminal proceeding in the case. A seasoned lawyer can advocate on the student’s behalf at all times and seek to obtain a favorable outcome in the case.

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It is essential that you have a Portsmouth Title IX attorney present at all school and criminal proceedings that occur in your case. An experienced lawyer will know what legal actions to take in pursuit of a good outcome. For example, your lawyer could assert a defense on your behalf, speak with essential witnesses, collect favorable evidence on your behalf, and question the individual who has accused you of committing a crime.

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