Speedometer Calibration in Newport News Reckless Driving Cases

A speedometer calibration is a procedure performed by a mechanic that measures the accuracy of a driver’s vehicle speedometer. The mechanic will test whether the vehicle’s speedometer is properly calibrated and print out a report showing whether the speedometer was off. If it is off, the report will show by how many miles per hour it is off, which in some cases can help you gain some leniency in court.

Below, is more on what you should know regarding speedometer calibration according to a Newport News reckless driving lawyer including how much it costs, and whether it can be used as mitigating evidence.  To see if having a speedometer calibration procedure can help your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

How Can Speedometer Calibration Help in a Reckless Driving Case?

If your speedometer happens to be off and your speed was measured as lower, then this provides your attorney with an argument that part of the reason your speed was so high during the incident was because you were following an incorrect speedometer that led you to believe that you were going slower than you actually were.

Sometimes in your case, this can result in the judge choosing to adjust the speed you were charged by the amount of the speedometer was off by. In a reckless driving case for excessive speed, sometimes people are charged when their speed is very close to the line of being a traffic infraction instead of a reckless driving ticket.

If the speedometer is off by just enough, this could make a difference between having it reduced to a lesser offense without having to put much work in it all.

Is Getting Your Speedometer Calibrated Expensive?

For the most part, mechanics will perform a speedometer calibration for around $100. When taking into account the amount of fine associated with reckless driving and increased insurance rates, this is not very much.

Can a Broken Speedometer Be Used As Mitigating Evidence?

It’s not the law but if your speedometer is off by a little bit, then it’s usually pretty strong mitigating evidence that will persuade a judge to reduce the charge.  If your speedometer was off by say 15 miles per hour, then it’s going to more difficult to persuade a judge that you were following it without realizing that it was off because it’s such a large discrepancy.

Additionally, it’s important to know that speedometer calibration isn’t going to be helpful in every type of reckless driving situation but can make a difference in some cases. The overall best way to know if it is going to make a difference is to speak with an experienced reckless driving lawyer.