Suffolk Fake ID Lawyer

Contacting a Suffolk fake ID lawyer should be one of the first things on your to-do list after being accused. Although fake ID charges are not as serious as some felony-level crimes, overlooking the potential consequences of this situation could expose you to unnecessary penalties or even damage to your reputation. A fake ID charge should be taken seriously and discussed with a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Do not let a fake ID charge hold you back from being able to move forward with your life. As a young person or a student, you could have your most important school years ahead of you negatively affected by a conviction. Let a knowledgeable fraud lawyer help your case.

Understanding Fake ID Charges

Virginia Code Section 4.1-305(b) means that a person who has used a fake ID or another party’s active ID to represent that they are age 21 or over, could lead to misdemeanor charges. At the very least, this could include the loss of a driver’s license but could also carry additional criminal consequences.

The maximum penalty for most misdemeanor charges are up to 12 months in jail and a fine as high as $2,500. However, identity related charges will also mandate driver’s license suspension whether or not it is your first offense. It is also possible for a college student who has been accused and convicted of these crimes to face honor code violations that could impede their academic progress.

Since each school treats these kinds of crimes differently, the possible punishments on an academic basis could range from community service to being kicked out of the school entirely. Most students only learn about these serious consequences after it is too late.

Fraudulent ID Offenses

False ID crimes can involve more than using a false document to purchase cigarettes or alcohol illegally or to enter a club. It is also illegal to make, possess, alter, sell or distribute a fake ID or to loan a fake ID to another person to use.

It is even a crime to assist a party in any way with obtaining a fake ID, such as simply passing on fake identification cards. Fake IDs can include more than fraudulent or altered driver’s licenses and might include social security cards, birth certificates, or student IDs that are used by the person to whom they do not belong.

How a Suffolk Fake ID Attorney Can Help

Any party who has been accused of making, using or selling a fake ID could expect significant criminal consequences. For this reason, a Suffolk fake ID lawyer should be contacted immediately after the charges have been applied so that the accused party has a better understanding of all the factors that are involved in fighting back against these charges.

Fake ID charges do carry potential consequences and penalties that should be taken seriously. If you have already been accused of a fake ID crime, you need to find a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with this area of the law and who is willing to help you outline what to do next and what this could mean for your future.