Suffolk Student Defense Lawyer

Life as a college student is stressful. Meeting deadlines, keeping grades, and balancing a social life can be difficult, especially for anyone living away from home for the first time. When students make mistakes, they can unintentionally add to that stress.

Like with all people, students face a variety of potential criminal offenses. From drinking and driving to vandalism, one mistake could lead to a significant criminal charge. Criminal offenses are not the only consequences a study could face. They could also contend with school disciplinary proceedings for the same conduct that led to their arrest. In serious cases, it could result in their expulsion.

If you are facing school discipline or criminal charges, a Suffolk student defense lawyer might be able to help. Your dedicated criminal defense attorney could ensure your rights are protected and advocate for the dismissal of the charges against you.

Disciplinary Proceedings and Criminal Charges

It is valuable to understand how disciplinary proceedings can differ from criminal prosecution. Both processes are serious. While a person charged with a crime has more legal rights compared to a disciplinary hearing, they also face steeper penalties.

One of the most important differences between these two processes is the burden of proof. Like with all criminal cases, a prosecutor must establish beyond a reasonable doubt that a student committed a crime. A lower standard applies to disciplinary hearings in most cases. The code of conduct at each school is different, but these rules could place the burden on a student to prove they did nothing wrong. Given this unfair burden, the assistance of a knowledge Suffolk attorney could be invaluable in any student defense.

In addition to the burden of proof, the rights available to a criminal defendant are typically much higher than a student facing discipline. Criminal defendants are protected by the constitution and enjoy the right to face their accusers, offer evidence, or refuse to testify. These rights may not be present on campus. That said, a student typically has the option to have an experienced Suffolk attorney assist in the defense.

Consequences for Students Facing Criminal Charges in Suffolk

The penalties for each process differ significantly, but each is significant in its own way. Depending on the crime, a criminal charge could result in jail time, fines, or probation. For misdemeanors or traffic offenses, a conviction might not result in jail time at all. For serious offenses like felonies, a student could find themselves facing years behind bars.

There are also important collateral consequences that follow a criminal conviction. A person with a criminal record could find it difficult to maintain employment or find housing regardless of the educational background. If the conviction is a felony, it could cost a person the right to vote, work in certain governmental jobs, or own a firearm.

While a disciplinary hearing will not land a student in jail, it could still disrupt their life tremendously. An unfavorable ruling could limit a student’s ability to take part in extracurricular activities or cost them scholarship money. In the worst-case scenario, it could see them suspended or expelled.

These penalties could upend a student’s life forever. A knowledgeable Suffolk defense attorney could work with a student to limit the chances of a conviction in either process.

Work with a Suffolk Student Defense Attorney

When you are in school, your focus should be on obtaining the best grades possible. Criminal charges or disciplinary proceedings could quickly derail your efforts.

To ensure your hard work is not wasted, it could benefit you to fight back vigorously against your charges. A Suffolk student defense lawyer could assist you with taking on your school and the government. Call now to get started building a defense.