Top 3 Things Someone Should Be Prepared For in a Reckless Driving Case

Below, a Hampton reckless driving lawyer discusses the three things you should be prepared for if charged with reckless driving in Virginia. To learn more or discuss your case specifically schedule a free consultation today.

#1 Hire a Lawyer

The number one thing that they should be prepared for is having to get a lawyer. Many people skip this step believing that they will do fine on their own. Before making decision however, they should go sit in court and see the results  other defendants are able to get on their own versus with he results from an attorney. When I have a potential client on the fence, I ask them to do this so that they’re absolutely certain what the consequences of either choice may be. An attorney can make a huge difference in reckless driving cases.

#2 Get Ready to Appear in Court

A second thing someone should be prepared for is having to appear physically in court. This doesn’t just mean showing up. It means arriving early to make sure they are in the correct court room on time, and also wearing appropriate clothing to show respect to the court. I’ve seen defendants asked to wait in the hall because they were dressed inappropriately and then get chastized by the judge for their poor attire. You don’t want to be the person who angers the judge before he even hears your case.

#3 Prepare To Accept Some Consequences

Third, someone should also be prepared to accept the consequences of their actions. This could mean making sure they have enough money to pay the fine or having someone else driving them to court if they face the possibility of jail time.

What Should Someone Expect From the Legal Process, if Charged With Reckless Driving?

In Hampton, the process is the same as it would be for a speeding ticket that the driver decides to appear in court for, except that the appearance for a reckless driving ticket is mandatory and not optional as it would be for a speeding ticket. The defendant should expect to appear in court on time and properly dressed. They should expect the police officer to be there as it is rare that the officers do not appear. They should expect the officer to candidly tell a judge the sequence of events that led to the charge. Then the judge will ask the defendant if he has any evidence of his own to present or if he has something to say towards sentencing if he decided to plead guilty rather than fight the charge. The specific facts of what happened will be considered by the judge in determining what happens next. And the defendant can expect the judge to be very harsh with his view of the crime.

How Does Reckless Driving Differ From a Speeding Charge?

The process is the same as it is for speeding ticket which means that the driver will not go through the arrest process like in other criminal cases. The difference is in the piece of paper that the driver is asked to sign. In reckless driving cases, it is called a summons. A summons asks the driver to sign saying that he promise to appear in court on the date noted on the ticket. A summon is essentially the substitution for the entire arrest process and it is common with many other criminal charges. If the driver refuses to sign the summon, then they will be put through the entire arrest process rather than being released immediately.