Building Assault Defenses in Virginia Beach

Assault is a very serious crime, and the magnitude of these charges can be quite harmful. An individual who is facing assault charges will have to deal with the harsh penalties that accompany their crime as well as the negative social stigma, which is common for someone who attains a criminal record. An experienced assault attorney will be crucial if the goal of the charged individual is to build a strong defense for their case and avoid severe consequences. A defense attorney will have the background necessary to speak on behalf of their client and present their case to the court in a way that someone attempting to fight charges alone could not do.

What To Know When Charged With Assault

There are several key things that someone should do once they’ve attained an assault charge, including:

  • Call a lawyer immediately
  • If there was mutual combat involved in the assault, photos of any injuries received should be taken
  • Don’t speak to anyone who was present at the scene of the crime
  • Do not make contact with the victim

A knowledgeable defense attorney will walk their client through the necessary steps involved in their case, but the above-mentioned actions will make the process of building a strong defense that will hold up in court easier.

After An Arrest

When someone has been apprehended by the police after committing an assault crime, the arrest process will follow a certain pattern.  The individual that has attained the criminal charge will be:

  • Arrested
  • Taken to the magistrate
  • Processed to the jail
  • Fingerprinted
  • Taken before a magistrate who will set a bond

Evidence Gathered By A Defense Attorney

The main goal of any experienced defense attorney will be to speak on behalf of their client and represent them in the best way possible. They may choose to show photos of the defendant if they were injured during the assault; if the defendant still has visible injuries, an assault lawyer will show them to the judge. A lawyer can also argue that their client was exhibiting self-defense, and they will use third-party witnesses to defend this if they can; there may be statements made by the individual who is claiming to be the victim that indicates that he or she was the aggressor.

The Assault Investigation

When attempting to gather evidence from the scene of an assault crime, the process of investigation will be conducted by the police. They will follow a very specific procedure to ensure that the investigation is done right, and the procedure includes:

  • They will close the scene
  • They will talk to the people involved
  • They will try to attain witness testimonies
  • They will take photos

Witness Testimonies

A neutral eyewitness is always a helpful asset in a trial, especially in a case where the two opposing parties have polar opposite views on what took place during the assault. The role of the judge is to decide which of the two parties is right, and which one is wrong, and the process of doing so can be difficult. If there is a neutral third-party eyewitness who has no connection to either party or knows each party well and can recount the events of the crime, a judge will put a lot of weight on that.

Benefits of Retaining A Defense Attorney

The importance of an experienced defense attorney can’t be stressed enough to any individual facing assault charges. They will have the skills necessary to represent their client in and outside of the courtroom in a way that an individual could not do without legal guidance. An attorney will:

  • Cross-examine witnesses
  • Know what to ask and how to phrase the question
  • Will know what pieces of evidence will yield the best results for their case

Someone facing assault charges should get in contact with an attorney immediately.