Bribery Terms and Definitions in Virginia Beach 

Bribery charges can be harsh for both the giver and the receiver of the bribe, but they would be charged differently. The giver would be charged with bribery, and the receiver would be charged with solicitation of bribery. There is a difference between bribery terms and definitions in Virginia Beach, but the bribery charges are all in the same section in the Virginia code. Consult with a skilled attorney for more on the differentiation.

What Constitutes Illegal Gratuity

Knowing bribery terms and definitions in Virginia Beach is important, like knowing the difference between an illegal gratuity and a bribery. An illegal gratuity is a gift that is given in order to coerce someone into acting in a certain manner.

Illegal gratuity is different from bribery because it is a little more specific. In the instance of a bribe, a person gets something general in exchange for an action. An illegal gratuity occurs when someone receives something specific, an item of value or something else specific, in exchange for an action.

Difference Between a Gift and a Bribe

More bribery terms and definitions in Virginia Beach are the difference between gifts and bribes.

A gift is some sort of favor, discount, or some item that has a monetary value that is given to an individual in hopes of an action. A bribe, however, is given only upon acting in a certain manner that is agreed.

For example, a person bribing a public official would give them $10,000 upon voting in a certain manner. A gift would entail a person just giving a public official that money in hopes of coercing them.

In theory, a gift and bribe are clearer to understand. Practically, a gift can look like a bribe. The line between the two terms can get blurred. A lot of it comes down to why the object or the value was given and whether or not there an explicit understanding of what it was for.

Qualities of a Public Official

Another bribery term and definition to know in Virginia beach is what a public official is. A public official is somebody who is elected to office or somebody who works within a governmental agency.

Does the public official have to in the federal government to face federal charges? A public official does not have to face federal charges of bribery in the federal government if they are a state official.

If there was someone within the state who worked with social security, a federal agency, they could face federal charges since social security falls under federal jurisdiction.

Official in Virginia Beach state or local government can face federal charges if state lines are crossed or if the subject of the bribery or gratuity involve a federal matter.

Hiring a Virginia Beach Lawyer

Understanding what goes into a bribery case is imperative, which means knowing the bribery terms and definitions in Virginia Beach. An experienced attorney has a well-rounded insight into the ideas that comprise a case. Consult with a lawyer today to learn more about the specifications of a bribery case.