Virginia Beach Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

While there are many elements that may be involved in a disorderly conduct charge, penalties can be relatively severe. For this reason it’s often a good idea for those accused of disorderly conduct to contact a Virginia Beach disorderly conduct lawyer in order to better understand what exactly they are being charged with, and formulate a defense in order to minimize the punishment that they could be facing.

Disorderly Conduct at Virginia Beach

There are several conditions and subsections in the Virginia disorderly conduct law. A Virginia Beach disorderly conduct lawyer can explain the differences and how they may impact the case the government will try to prove and the strategy behind your defense.

Disorderly Conduct Lawyer in Virginia Beach VAAccording to Virginia Code Section 18.2-415, disorderly conduct is the purposeful act of causing inconvenience or violence, annoyance, or alarm, or endangering others by creating a risk in public by way of disruptive actions or words. Disorderly conduct includes, when committed while willfully intoxicated, by drug or alcohol or a combination of both, or intentionally drugged by another person, actions resulting in the disruption of normal business, the prevention of normal activities, a risk to public welfare, and the disturbing of the peace of others.

In addition to businesses, public walkways, roadways, and parks, disorderly conduct can occur at private funeral services, memorial services, and at private or public meetings, such as religious meetings, court-mandated meetings, and meetings involving members of public office.

Disruptive actions or words that are committed or spoken, or work to incite disruption or violence at a school-sponsored event or activity may be punishable under disorderly conduct laws.

If a business owner, church official, funeral or service officiate, security personnel, or the person in charge of a mode of transportation (such as a bus or train) or business operation or activity chooses to remove you from the property or vehicle, with the help of others present, they are within their rights provided in this law.

Because disorderly conduct can occur in any number of places, it might be beneficial to speak with a Virginia Beach disorderly conduct attorney to find out whether your charges qualify under the disorderly conduct law.

Penalties for Disorderly Conduct

The penalties for disorderly conduct are decided upon and written into law by the authorities of the separate counties, cities, and towns. These penalties cannot exceed those of a class 1 misdemeanor.

As written in Virginia Code Section 18.2-11, if convicted of a class 1 misdemeanor you can face up to a year in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500.

The aid of a qualified and knowledgeable disorderly conduct lawyer may help you reduce the penalties or argue for community service rather than jail time or fines.

Hiring a Virginia Beach Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Disorderly conduct can be a serious charge, and a Virginia Beach disorderly conduct lawyer will know the details and penalties of the law. Knowing the legal definition of disorderly conduct, and the penalties adopted by the civil authority of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred, are assets to your disorderly conduct case.

Before you take on the law by yourself, consider how a trained professional can be the support you require to build a strong defense, or dismiss the charge completely.