How Do Police Officers Treat Drug Crimes in Virginia Beach?

Below, a Virginia Beach drug lawyer discusses drug crimes in Virginia Beach and how these type of criminal offenses are treated by police. To learn more schedule a free consultation today.

Virginia Beach law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for drug offenders in the city limit. Police have dedicated task forces that focused solely on drugs and in particular on the dealers in the city neighborhoods that are selling the drugs.

There has been a push in the community the last few years for police officers to be more vigilant in arresting drug offenders and making sure all of the neighborhoods are drug-free especially in areas located near school zone.

How Are Drug Cases Typically Investigated in Virginia Beach?

These cases are usually investigated beginning with a tip from someone regarding known drug activity. If the police believe it has any weight at all, then they’ll begin to look into the specific information provided and investigate further.

Sometimes the police use confidential informants or undercover police officers to gain information on where the drugs are being sold and by whom. This is a very common way in which people get caught and it allows police officers many times to arrest more than one person involved in the operation.

Once the police gain enough evidence to charge someone, then they arrest the alleged drug offender and forward the case to the prosecutor’s office which then becomes involved in investigation as well. If the case is on the federal level, then the drug enforcement agency, the DEA can become involve as well.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Virginia Beach Drug Cases?

Many clients seem to think that if it was just a tiny amount of marijuana, then it’s not a big deal and won’t be prosecuted. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a tiny amount, the charge is going to be handled the same way by the prosecutor until the amount reaches felony levels and becomes more serious. With drugs besides marijuana, even a tiny amount of residue is enough for a conviction.

Many offenders also believe they’ll simply get a fine and probation and will just walk out of court. The truth is jail time is possible even from misdemeanor simple possession drug charges and should never be taken lightly.