Virginia Beach DUID for CDL Holders

Virginia as a whole is very strict when it comes to charges related to driving under the influence. It doesn’t matter if a person is charged with an alcohol DUI or a drug DUI, they will both be prosecuted harshly. Although these charges will likely always be prosecuted harshly, especially for people who hold commercial driver’s licenses because they are held to a higher standard by Virginia law. It is still beneficial to someone’s case to hire a Virginia Beach drug DUI attorney to represent them in court, especially if they are a CDL holder.

Virginia Beach Drug DUI Charges

Even if a person takes a certain prescription drug that has a warning to not take it with alcohol. They might have a legal prescription for that drug, but the warning still makes them responsible for operating a vehicle while impaired. It’s not very arguable whether they’re being irresponsible or not because they completely ignored the warning that warned against exactly what ended up happening.

In that kind of case they probably wouldn’t get any leniency. But if it was more like a freak reaction that was really unexpected, then they can have a doctor who prescribed the drug or who’s aware of the nature of the drugs to come in and testify and he can provide testimony that will support that this was really an unexpected unfortunate reaction that should not have happened and could not have been prevented.

Impact of Drug DUI on CDL Holders

Individuals with commercial driver’s licenses should know that judges generally will hold them to a higher standard because they have a commercial driver’s license. The consequences in general will probably be worse than if it had just been a lay person getting a DUI charge.

Charged But Not Convicted

If they’re not convicted then there’s no legal reason that they should lose their ability to work but obviously if their employer decides to impose any additional consequences on them just for the charge itself then that will be on them. If the case is dismissed then getting their commercial driver’s license back shouldn’t be an issue at all. However, if they’re not convicted because their case was reduced to a lesser charge, then it’s still possible that the lesser charge could still affect their commercial driver’s license depending on what it is.

Restricted CDL License Options in Virginia Beach

Commercial driver’s license holders don’t get any type of restricted license to use their commercial driver’s license. Their license would simply be disqualified and they will be unable to drive any type of commercial vehicle in that time frame.

How a Virginia Beach Drug DUI Lawyer Can Help

A Virginia Beach CDL DUI attorney’s main priority is just to get their charge reduced or dismissed so that the license suspension is not an issue. If the license is suspended there isn’t anything that an attorney can do because it is what it is. They’re not allowed to drive while they have a restricted license due to a DUI.

A attorney could try to negotiate with the employer but this would be one of those situations where the legal avenues wouldn’t exist and they would really just be trying to relate to somebody and get them to see it your way.